Offbeat Alert: Go On A Tour Of Fruit Farms When In Thailand

Thailand is known for its diverse range of tropical fruits, such as the sweet and juicy rambutan and the pungent yet delicious durian To enjoy the freshest and most delicious organic fruits, you should visit the fruit farms on your next trip
You can sample fruits like the durian at the farms in Thailand
You can sample fruits like the durian at the farms in ThailandPongMoji/Shutterstock

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country that never fails to amaze tourists with its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. But what truly makes Thailand a tropical paradise are the luscious fruits that grow in abundance throughout the country. From the spiky, pungent durian with its creamy texture and sweet, slightly sour flavor, to the bright red, sweet and juicy rambutan with its hairy exterior, Thailand's fruits are a feast for the senses. To enjoy the freshest and most delicious organic fruits, you should definitely visit the fruit farms in Thailand on your next trip, especially during the summer season. Each region of the country is famous for producing unique fruits that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. There are various orchards you can visit, including family-owned organic fruit orchards. Here are some fruit farms in Thailand where you can take a bite out of the tropical paradise that awaits you.

Suan Supatra Land

Sampling fruit buffets is part of the experience
Sampling fruit buffets is part of the experience@suphattra_land/Instagram

SupatraLand is a popular tourist destination situated in Rayong province, Ban Khai district. The farm grows a variety of fruit, including durian, mangosteen, rambutan, grape, jackfruit, longan, longkong, sala, starfruit, dragon fruit, and rose apple. Its primary objective is to enable visitors to learn, watch, taste, and enjoy quality fruits all year round while immersing themselves in the natural environment. Not only will you get to see the fruit trees, but you can also enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of freshly sliced tropical fruits. The farm offers a train ride that takes tourists through the lush landscape, providing a shaded atmosphere and expert commentary from a knowledgeable guide. The majority of the seasonal fruits are produced between April and June. For more info, check the website here.

Address: 3143, Nong Lalok, Ban Khai District, Rayong 21120, Thailand

The Orchard In Mahawasat Canal

The orchard is home to pomelos, bananas, jackfruit, and three types of mangoes. Upon arrival, the owners will greet you and offer a sampling of the fruits grown on the farm. The area is known for producing the best pomelos in Thailand, possibly due to the river's tidal nature during the dry season, resulting in slightly brackish water. The average weight of a jackfruit harvested here is 5kg, but the largest ever harvested on this farm weighed an incredible 30kg! Additionally, the orchard produces dried banana and jackfruit chips that you can purchase on-site. You can also take a local boat trip to see the people living along the Mahasawat Canal and visit the agricultural farms in the area, such as the lotus and orchid farms.

Thanathon Orchards

Pluck and sample fruits straight from the trees
Pluck and sample fruits straight from the treesTong_stocker/Shutterstock

Thanathon Orchard is a beautiful orange grove located in Fang district, consisting of two orchards. Thanathon Orchard 2 (Ban Lan) is surrounded by hills and offers scenic views of orange groves. They are known for their orange cultivation and also offer instructions on how to plant and take care of the orange trees. Visitors can enjoy the farm by a boat-like car and golf car. The other orchard, Thanathon Orchard 8 or Tha Ton Orchard, is situated in Tha Ton sub-district, Mae Ai. This orchard mainly grows two hybrids: Special Honey and seedless Ocean Honey oranges. The area is scenic, with hills and the Kok river visible from the orchard. Visitors can take a scenic boat ride, pick some fresh oranges, or buy souvenirs such as fresh oranges or aroma candles from the store.

Address: Tha Ton Mae Ai Chiang Mai 50280

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