Nagasaki Day: 3 Places In The Japanese City Honouring The Departed

Every year on August 9, Japan observes Nagasaki Day to mark the sacrifice of thousands of people who died due to the US nuclear attack on Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Nagasaki Peace Park, Japan
Nagasaki Peace Park, Japan Shutterstock

Marked as Nagasaki Day, August 9 is a solemn day of remembrance for the thousands of Japanese who died in the tragic atomic bomb attack by the US military during the second World War in 1945. Nagasaki was the second city after Hiroshima to be bombed.

Also known as the Black Day of Japan, the August 9 nuclear bombing was devastating and claimed approximately 74,000 lives. The sacrifices of the deceased have been preserved at various historical sites around the city. These sites house several relics from the tragic attack, including burnt clothes and broken toys. Take a look at these primary historical sites in Nagasaki that commemorate the lost souls.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki, Japan
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki, JapanShutterstock

It's a top tourist spot in the region and crucial for understanding the city's journey after the war. The museum houses stories about the bombing tragedy, how the atomic bomb was used, a history of nuclear weapons, and the quest for peace. 

What you'll find: The museum was built to honour and remember the atomic bomb victims and survivors. Inside, you will see exhibits that tell the story of Nagasaki before and after the devastation, including a twisted water tower from Keiho Junior High School, only 800 meters away from where the bomb hit. Some other items on display include burnt clothes, broken toys, and a watch that stopped when the city was hit.

Peace Park

The atomic bomb attack reduced the area surrounding the Nagasaki Peace Park to rubble, claiming tens of thousands of lives. Close to the park are the Atomic Bomb Museum and National Peace Memorial Hall — important places for visitors wanting to learn how the disaster shaped the city. The park features the Nagasaki Peace Statue made of bronze. There's also the dove-shaped Fountain of Peace and the Peace Symbol Zone, a garden with sculptures from around the world all promoting peace.

Peace Park) in Nagasaki, Japan
Peace Park) in Nagasaki, JapanShutterstock

Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall

The Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall was created to honour and remember the victims of the bombing. The hall aims to help people worldwide understand the terrible impact of bombings and the devastating effect it has. At the ground level of the memorial, there's a basin filled with water – something that the victims desperately needed. The light shines through the basin from the remembrance hall, allowing people to pay their respects at ground level. Even at night, the basin is lit up with around 70,000 lights as a tribute to all those who lost their lives.

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