Got A Layover At Changi Airport? Here's How To Make The Best Of Your Time

It is known as Asia's best airport, and has even won the top title in Skytrax's World's Best Airport category several times
Changi Airport
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Flying somewhere and find yourself with a lengthy layover at Singapore's Changi Airport? No need to fret, because you are at the most awarded airport in the world. If an airport could be considered a standalone attraction worth visiting, it would be Singapore's Changi. It is known as Asia's best airport, and has even won the top title in Skytrax's World's Best Airport category several times. It is undeniably one of the best places to spend time during a long layover, catering to a diverse range of interests and age groups. Here's a guide to ensure you make the most of your layover at Changi Airport.

Destress With Some Yoga

Air travel can be exhausting, so take a break and de-stress by attending a yoga class, Pilates, or a Barre-less Barre class during your layover at the beautifully designed Canopy Park on the topmost level (L5) of Jewel at the airport. If you are traveling with kids, they have a variety of exciting play attractions to keep them busy, from mazes to bouncing nets. You can also take a stroll along creative garden trails, glide down giant slides, or relax in bowls of gentle mist while at Canopy Park.

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Mix Some Cocktails

The Anthology Bar at the airport doesn't just serve great cocktails; you can also sign up for a mixology magic workshop and try your hand at making cocktails yourself. They also have Guided Tasting sessions. More details here.

The VR World

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of virtual reality and interactive gaming at the Changi Experience Studio. Take on a Boeing 747 in a high-speed race or make beautiful music by simply moving your arms. Experience mind-blowing projection experiences and captivating shows that reveal the inner workings of Changi Airport in action.

Check Out The Gardens

The Rain Vortex inside Changi Airport
The Rain Vortex inside Changi Airport Matteo Morando/Wiki Commons

Changi Airport's enchanting gardens offer a truly immersive experience. Inside the 460m2 Arrival Garden, you'll encounter a carefully selected array of flora that perfectly recreates a dragonfly habitat. The centerpiece pool in creates mesmerising patterns that evoke the graceful dance of dragonflies. Stand beside majestic 12m–15m palm trees for unforgettable photo opportunities. The Cactus Garden is a sanctuary featuring over 100 species of cacti and arid plants from the deserts and dry regions of Asia, Africa, and America. Noteworthy attractions in this rooftop garden include the striking Golden Barrel Cactus, the venerable Old Man Cactus, and impressive Ponytail Palm Trees. You'll also encounter various forms of Cycads, resilient survivors from the dinosaur era. And if you're in need of refreshment, the garden's bar provides the perfect spot to unwind with a drink in hand. The stunning Discovery Garden is a breathtaking oasis boasting tree-like sculptures adorned with vibrant and diverse foliage. Embark on a captivating stroll along the elevated walkways to fully immerse yourself in nature from a multitude of perspectives.

Shop Till You Drop

The airport boasts a sprawling selection of over 350 shops, presenting an extensive variety of products ranging from opulent luxury goods to essential everyday items. Among these, you can indulge in premium spirit brands at the Wines and Spirits Duplex store and explore the wonders of natural Chinese remedies at Eu Yan Sang.

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