Germany As A Solo Female Traveller: What To See And Tips

Join YouTuber and travel blogger Visha Khandelwal as she uncovers Berlin's best keeps and the local way of life, all while sharing some handy travel tips for solo female travellers
Visha in Berlin
Visha in BerlinVisha Khandelwal/YouTube

If Germany is high up on your travel bucket list, and you have been wondering what it is like to roam the dreamy streets of Berlin, why you must head to Cologne, and how to experience it all like a local as a solo woman traveller, Visha Khandelwal brings you all the information and more. Watch as she sojourns across Germany all on her own, exploring iconic landmarks, cultural hotspots, culinary delights, and the vibrant local experiences that define the heart of this European country.

Berlin in 24 Hours

From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the solemnity of the Holocaust Memorial, tag along on Khandelwal's journey as she delves into each landmark's historical significance and symbolism.

Travelling Solo In Berlin

If you are planning to travel solo, here's why Berlin is your best bet. Watch as Khandelwal explores the joys of exploring the city on foot and connecting with locals while giving you some key tips.

Discovering Cologne

From exploring the majestic Cologne Cathedral and its awe-inspiring architecture surviving World War II to savouring authentic Thai cuisine and exploring the Chocolate Museum, Visha's adventures offer a holistic view of Cologne's offerings.

This article is in collaboration with the German National Tourist Office, India.

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