Fun Things To Do In Australia On A Family Holiday

From national parks to museums to adventures in the dunes, Australia, with its diverse activities, is the perfect destination for a family holiday
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If you are looking for a destination perfect for a holiday with your family, then Australia is it. Its incredible wildlife, nature, epic outback escapes and picturesque beaches create immersive quality time. Moreover, the destination has been an attractive spot for Indian tourists, with numbers reaching 400,000 in 2023, as Tourism Australia reported.

With the world's oldest living and modern cultures, Australia is a treasure trove of tales and traditions, shared by some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. No matter which part of Australia you choose to explore, you'll discover a wide range of family-friendly experiences that promise to be both entertaining and enriching. Be sure to include the below experiences in your family's itinerary on your next trip Down Under.

Take On A Luminous Journey Through Mala Story At Wintjiri Wiru 

Wintjiri Wiru
Wintjiri Wiru Tourism Australia

Wintjiri Wiru is a spectacular cultural storytelling experience that brings to life a chapter of the traditional Mala narrative that can be experienced at Ayer's Rock Resort, a short drive from Alice Springs. In case you happen to be exploring another part of Australia, you can hop on a flight to Ayers Rock Airport from most capital cities and enjoy the scenic drive to the destination. The story of their cultural heritage, connection to the land, and their journey for survival and cultural preservation are depicted in the most ethereal way before the iconic Uluru. Usually set during dinner time with native Australian delicacies, the night sky lights up with choreographed drones, lasers and projections to showcase the story of the resilience of the Anangu people in preserving rich Mala cultural heritage.

Visitors are welcome to experience three unique or one culminating experience of the Twilight show set against the backdrop of the Ayers Rock, followed by a three-hour Sunset Dinner and a one-and-a-half-hour After Dark show in the same purpose-built theatre with views out to Uluṟu and Kata Tjuta.

Uncover Australia's Rich Heritage At The National Museum Of Australia In Canberra 

National Museum of Australia in Canberra
National Museum of Australia in Canberra Tourism Australia

The National Museum of Australia, located in the country's kid-friendly capital, Canberra, provides an interactive place to explore the rich stories of Australia and its people. A good 6 km from the airport, the Museum of Social History, through its compelling objects, ideas, and programs, curates a pleasant walk-through for children to learn more about Australia's rich heritage. The Museum has collected, preserved, and examined Australia's history, with an emphasis on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, Australian society and history since 1788, and People and the environment.  

Embark On A Sand Dune Adventure In Port Stephens, New South Wales 

Port Stephens, New South Wales
Port Stephens, New South Wales Tourism Australia

Visiting the Sand Dunes in Port Stephens with your family promises an unforgettable adventure. Here, you can embark on thrilling sandboarding experiences, gliding down towering dunes and creating lasting memories of fun and laughter. An easy 2.5-hour drive away from Sydney, the pristine natural beauty of the dunes provides a unique backdrop for family bonding and exploration via the quad bike for a tour of the sandy terrains. Whether you are picnicking on the golden sands, spotting local wildlife, or simply relishing the awe-inspiring desert-like landscapes, the Sand Dunes offer a captivating experience.  

Explore The Grampians National Park, Victoria 

Grampians National Park, Victoria
Grampians National Park, Victoria Artra Sartracom

The Grampians comprise five breathtaking sandstone ridges, offering magnificent vistas from various lookout points and featuring impressive waterfalls. The pristine air in the area serves as inspiration for engaging in various outdoor activities within the park, such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, and canoeing–a perfect day for a day-out family gathering. There are numerous well-marked walking trails to explore, suitable for leisurely strolls or overnight treks. While exploring, you may encounter a diverse range of wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, emus, wedge-tailed eagles, and more. To reach the Great Southern Touring Route, you can take the bus or rent a car for your family, which is a 3-hour ride away from the city of Melbourne.

Journey Through Time At Kings Park 

 Situated in the central business district of Perth, Western Australia, lies ancient sites and timeless stories set against the background of Perth's stunning Kings Park. An instructive exploration into the rich cultural tapestry of the Whadjuk Noongar people, this trip will provide families a chance to learn about the folklore, customs, and spiritual connections that have shaped the Whadjuk Noongar community's identity for centuries. As you walk through this natural sanctuary, you will be taken back in time by the stories passed down through the centuries. To get there, Central Perth offers free travel on buses and trains within specified hours through and around the central business district. 

Dive Into The Beauty Of The Museum Of Underwater Art 

Museum of Underwater Art
Museum of Underwater Art Melissa Findley

The Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA), located off the coast of Townsville in northern Queensland offers a never-to-be-forgotten underwater experience and is just a scenic rail journey away from the city. The museum allows visitors to submerge themselves in the water via snorkelling, scuba diving or free dive displays the history of the Great Barrier Reef and the local Aboriginals. The non-traditional building of MOUA incorporates a series of installations and sculptures within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park including the Coral Greenhouse and Ocean Sentinels, by world-famous underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. 

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