Undeniable Reasons To Visit Bali This Summer

Famous for its tranquil atmosphere and warm hospitality, Bali in Indonesia has got something for every brand of traveller. Here are five reasons to head to the island in the summer
Bali is a tropical paradise
Bali is a tropical paradiseShutterstock

You might be soldiering through yet another dry and oppressive week, but a plucky 12-year old just returned from an international joyride. Denied permission to go to Bali, the boy from Australia chose to coolly surf the waves of rebellion and escape on a solo trip, courtesy his parents' stolen credit card While devilishly entertaining, the news has hardly made a dent on the serenity of Bali. Famous for its tranquil atmosphere and warm hospitality, it's got something for every brand of traveller. And with the hottest temperature averaging at 28 degC in May, scalding isn't a word you have to worry about.

Here are five reasons why you should consider Bali this summer!

Indulgent cuisine

Indulge in Betutu in Bali
Indulge in Betutu in BaliShutterstock

The menu can be staggering - from betutu (marvellous slow-roasted chicken) to sate lilit (marinated, skewered and grilled meats with spicy sauce) to Balinese suckling pig, to freshly-caught grilled seafood at beach-side cafes. The Indian palate is one that will definitely enjoy the sweet, sour and often spicy Balinese fare. Post sunset, night markets at Sanur, Badung and other locations offer delectably affordable street food, traditional art, and handicrafts to take back as souvenirs.

A bounty to photograph and soak in 

Photograph hidden gems in Bali
Photograph hidden gems in BaliShutterstock

Dramatic sunsets, untouched caves and canyons, terrestrial and marine wildlife, lush forests and rice terraces at golden hour - the list goes on. Tribal festivals, such as the Usaba Sambah festival held in May-June in Tanganan village, could also offer excellent photo opportunities, provided your calendars coincide.

Zen inducing spas

Enjoy a massage when in Bali
Enjoy a massage when in BaliShutterstock

Whether you're staying at a tree house, or relaxing in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, peace and quiet is a common denominator here. Balinese professional deep-tissue massages - combining acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy - are a fantastic way to unwind after a day of exploration. If you'd rather have a day of contemplation outside, there are several hidden beaches like Blue Lagoon and Rambut Siwi. The latter is especially beautiful, with its glittering black volcanic sands.

Surfing delights

For some, surfing is about the rush. For others, it is about the calm they experience while surfing
For some, surfing is about the rush. For others, it is about the calm they experience while surfingDepositphotos

For beautiful winds and consistent swells, head to Uluwatu's beach on the southern tip of the island. The more adventurous can try their hand at a longboard, cliff-jumping or scuba diving, but there's always room for less threatening options - you can visit the ancient Hindu temple near the shore to enjoy the traditional Kecak fire dance.

Party paradise

Enjoy a party in Bali's Kuta Beach
Enjoy a party in Bali's Kuta BeachShutterstock

Kuta Beach, Seminyak and Legian are the top picks for sundowners, with rooftop bars, gastropubs, international bands by the beach and more. If you'd rather savour more of Balinese culture, there are cabaret shows, live music venues that begin at midnight, glamorously wild gay bars in Seminyak, and heritage theatre performances. Devdan is an iconic show, which traces the stunning vistas of the Indonesian archipelago.

VISA: On arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Indian's have a free visa for a 30-day stay in Indonesia with no extension. For stays between 30-60 days, the voluntary Visa on Arrival option offers a single extension for USD35.

Getting There: Multiple carriers including Indonesia's National airlines Batik Air, Air India, IndiGo operate direct flights to Denpasar from major Indian metro cities. Consulting the Bali immigration office or a visa agent about the duration is your best bet. For currency conversion, there are official moneychangers and ATMs right outside the airport. We suggest taking a look at official recommendations about your arrival here.

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