Explore London With These Unique Experiences On A Pass

With Go City, enjoy worry-free access to London's best attractions, from exclusively touring the Chelsea FC stadium to roaming the royal hallways of the romantic Eltham Palace and hitting your favourite British artistic spots
The Shard in London
The Shard in LondonShutterstock

The vibrant city of London is renowned for its iconic landmarks, historical sites, and cultural attractions. There's always something for travellers of different kinds - from museums that open up a world beyond imagination to grand palaces bringing the fairytales alive to iconic pubs that once used to be the haunt of great writers and artists. In London lies a treasure trove of offbeat experiences waiting to be explored. Go City offers an excellent opportunity to delve into these hidden gems, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in unique adventures and discover the lesser-known aspects of this remarkable City. Moreover, it also saves you from the hassles of obtaining higher-priced tickets by allowing you access to London's most sought-after attractions. In case you are wondering about all the secrets of London you can unveil with Go City, here's a glimpse.

Different styles of passes for visitors to explore London
Different styles of passes for visitors to explore LondonGo City

Tour Stamford Bridge, Home of Chelsea FC

Take a tour of the Iconic Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea FC
Take a tour of the Iconic Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea FCWikimedia Commons

Get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of Stamford Bridge, the iconic home of Chelsea Football Club. On the stadium tour, you'll follow football legends' footsteps as you venture through areas that are usually off-limits to the public. Take in the view from the stands, visit the players' tunnel, and explore the state-of-the-art facilities. With fascinating insights into the club's history and an immersive experience, this tour is a must for any Chelsea supporter.

Explore London's Sailing legend at Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper vessel
Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper vesselWikimedia Commons

Embark on a historical voyage aboard London's Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper. Located in Greenwich, this 19th-century vessel invites visitors to explore the sailor's quarters, touch the hull, and understand maritime history through interactive exhibits. It's a memorable journey back in time.

Get A Glimpse Of The Royal Life At Eltham Palace And Gardens

Eltham Palace
Eltham PalaceWikimedia Commons

Juxtaposing London's modernity stands the many palaces of London. And while Kensington and Hampton Court Palace draw thousands of tourists, the more idyllic Eltham Palace and Gardens is worth exploring, all due to its fascinating fusion of medieval grandeur and Art Deco elegance. Nestled amidst beautiful gardens, this unique property offers a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of the 1930s. Take a guided tour of the stunning interiors adorned with luxurious furnishings, elaborate woodwork, and exquisite decorative details. Explore the tranquil gardens, which feature herbaceous borders, medieval-style moat bridges, and vibrant flora. Eltham Palace and Gardens is a true hidden gem that showcases the best of two distinct architectural eras. 

Hit Your Favourite Artists' Favourite Spots On The Brits Music Tour 

London has been home to many artists who became world-famous musicians, from the Rolling Stones to The Beatles. If you are a 90s kid and have been a fan of that era's rock and roll, then London is your playground. With Go City, you can join an expert-led musical tour, which takes you around all the spots your favourite artists once hung out, called their own, or where they lived way before everybody knew them. Visit here to check the tours available and if your favourite British artist/band is on the list. These are just a few of the hundreds of offbeat experiences that Go City lets you enjoy without worrying about emptying your wallet or getting in long queues.

One Day River Boat Cruise on Thames

St Pauls Cathedral Tour
St Pauls Cathedral TourGo City

See the best of London’s landmarks from the River Thames with a hop-on hop-off ticket and 24 different stops to explore with Uber Boats Thames Clippers. Choose your own sightseeing itinerary and make the most of the day long service gliding on the Thames.

Immerse in Art in An Interactive Frameless Experience

Immersive and interactive art experience at Frameless
Immersive and interactive art experience at FramelessFrameless

Experience an innovative exhibition in London featuring 42 masterpieces by 29 iconic artists, transformed using cutting-edge technology. Visitors will enjoy immersive interpretations of renowned artworks accompanied by captivating soundtracks making it a must-see for art lovers. Prepare to be transported through four distinct galleries showcasing the genius of artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, Rembrandt, Rubens, and numerous others. Visit their website to get an idea!

Discover The World Of Cartoons At The Cartoon Museum

Step into the vibrant world of cartoons, comics, and animation at The Cartoon Museum. Located in the heart of London, this museum houses an extensive collection of original artwork, caricatures, and comic strips that span decades. Immerse yourself in the history and evolution of this beloved art form as you explore the museum's engaging exhibits. From iconic characters to political cartoons, there's something to captivate visitors of all ages and interests. For latest events visit their website.

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