Discover Unique Traits Of Cities Through These Projects

These projects can serve as the perfect guide for your adventures in a new city
A newsstand in Valencia, Spain
A newsstand in Valencia, SpainMikel Dabbah / Shutterstock

Travel broadens one's horizons and introduces people to the world's incredible diversity. The sense of place and place meanings may assist travellers in appreciating various elements of cities. Several intriguing projects are weaving stories about the hidden parts of cities with the help of technology that enables simultaneous interpersonal and intercultural dialogue. These projects can be the perfect guide for your adventures in a new place. Here are a few that we love. 

A Window Into Newsstands

They may have suffered as people shifted to digital channels for their news, but newsstands are still in high demand worldwide. Trevor Traynor, a photographer based in Los Angeles, has created an intriguing photo series about newsstands. Traynor began photographing newsstands and their operators in 2012 and has since travelled to many cities around the world, including Paris, Barcelona, London, Lima, Cusco, Punta Arenas, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, Pozzuoli, Jerusalem, Dar Es Salaam, Tokyo, Kamakura, Cairo, and Marrakesh. 

Check out the images here.

Mexico City Through Street Art

If you ever want to take a world tour of the best street art and murals, Mexico City must be on your list of destinations. The city is a haven for street art, with artwork on nearly every corner. The project The Art of Dressing to Match by Mexican fashion designer Melania Chavarra is an excellent introduction to the diversity of art in public spaces. The project has gone viral, causing quite a stir on Instagram. Melania poses in bold, striking ensembles at several street art locations in Mexico City. The majority of the backgrounds are murals created by urban artists. "I believe that Mexican muralism is one of the most unique worldwide, " says Melania. "We have significant heritage and tradition that started with big names such as David Alfaro Siquieros or Diego Rivera, just to name a few. Since then, the idea of muralism in Mexico has been to express oneself and, most importantly, educate and communicate with people. We have more than 60 indigenous languages, so painting in this format and proportion has been significant to build and strengthen our identity."

Read more about the project in our interview with Melania Chavarra here.

Take some time next time you're in "Maximum City" to explore the Art Deco structures. Mumbai's Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2018. These structures, which included everything from residential buildings to fire temples and cinema halls, catapulted Mumbai into the international league of Art Deco cities like New York, Miami, and Paris. Although Mumbai is dotted with many Art Deco structures (some of which have been demolished over the years), the area to the west of the Oval Maidan's playing grounds contributed to the UNESCO designation. Art Deco Mumbai has been mapping these through pictures, tours, events, and other means. 

Read more about the Art Deco trail in our article here.

The Multicultural Threads Of Karachi

Once a fishing village, the bustling metropolis on the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea was the original capital of Pakistan. The vibrant city is also a melting pot of influences from different cultures in its architecture and spaces. The Karachi Walla project documents these treasures dotted around town, waiting to be discovered. For instance, you can explore the meeting houses built for the Goan Christians of Karachi. You can also sign up for city walks hosted by The Karachi Walla. 

Find more info here.

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