A Guide To Ealing Road In London, Where Indians Feel At Home

From Indian restaurants to a grand temple that houses almost all Hindu deities, Ealing Road in London's Wembley suburb has everything to make you feel like you are right at home
Ealing Road is home to many shops selling Indian clothes and groceries
Ealing Road is home to many shops selling Indian clothes and grocerieslittleindiauk/Instagram

For any Indian travelling abroad, there always comes a time when you begin missing home food—when all you crave is the comfort of dal chawal, the whiff of spice, and the sound of your mother tongue. Well, given that Indians have found their way to almost every country in the world, it's never a struggle to miss home and find some semblance of it. In London, this feeling of home for an Indian is found in "Little India," located in Southall, which has now become a tourist magnet. But if you want to skip the obvious, Ealing Road is where you should head to.

A mural of SRK spotted in Ealing Road
A mural of SRK spotted in Ealing Roadjaysica76/Instagram

Moreover, located close to major points like Soho and Camden, Ealing Road attracts many locals and tourists who want to experience London's multicultural vibe. Inhabited by many Gujaratis who moved to London, this area now brims with several Indian restaurants, temples, and shops.

Now, if you are thinking about where to begin, here are our top picks for where to eat, what to do and experience in Ealing's Little India:

Where To Eat

From dosas to chaats, Ealing Road won't disappoint if you are craving authentic Indian food. Here's where you must grab a table:

Mumbai Local: Don't go by the name, as Mumbai Local serves more than just vada pav or misal pav. Though the restaurant does not feature fancy interiors, the dishes pack solid flavours that would not have you reaching out for more salt or spice. Besides typical Indian vegetarian dishes, Mumbai Local serves Indo-Chinese so that you can get your fix of streetside chowmein. The average cost for two would be around INR 1,000. 

Address: 141 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4BU, United Kingdom

Maru's Bhajia House: If the London weather has got you in the mood for pakodas and chai, Maru's Bhajia House is your fix. Interestingly, the restaurant, with a forest-green facade and low-key interior, is owned by an Indian-Kenyan family who came from Nairobi and also had a restaurant by the same name in the 1940s. So, don't expect that your bhajias will be served with the usual green chutneyInstead, they are known for their secret Kenyan-inspired chutney that even goes by their name. You must try their signature Maru bhajia, Kenyan bhel, dahi batata puri, and makai. The average cost for two people amounts to INR 2,618. 

Address: 230 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4QL, United Kingdom

Shree Krishna Vada Pav: If you are from Mumbai, then this humble establishment, with just a few tables that overlook many Indian shops, will hit the spot. Besides vada pav that tastes just like the ones sold out of makeshift streetside shops in Mumbai, the restaurant also has other favourites like misal pav, sabudana vada, pani puri, and dabeli on their menu. The average cost for two people is INR 900. 

Address: Unit 30, Trader, 87 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4BD, United Kingdom

Ambala Sweet Shop: End your Ealing Road exploration on a sweet note at this generational sweet shop, which started all the way back in 1964. Here, you can find almost all types of mithais—from milk cake to jalebis to chamcham and even urad laddu. The average cost for two people would be INR 731. 

Address:  228 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4QL, United Kingdom

Cha Sha brews tea Indian style
Cha Sha brews tea Indian stylefeedyoursass/Instagram

Cha Sha:  Although tea is the preferred beverage among the British, it does not quite measure up to a strong cup of cutting chai or adrak wali chai we Indians love. So, if you are yearning for a strong brew, head over to this quirky and colourful shop serving chai in kulhad and delicious Indian snacks like bun kabab to go with it. The average cost for two is approximately INR 1,563. 

Address: 43b, Coronet Parade, Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4BA, United Kingdom

Things To Do

One of the most popular stops for Indians in London is the grand Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir, which was opened in 2010. Constructed with intricately carved Jaisalmer limestone that was brought in from Gujarat, the temple has become an attraction for even non-Indians owing to its sheer architectural beauty. The temple houses several deities from all over India—from Ganpati to Radha and Krishna to Tirupati Balaji. If you wish to meet fellow Indians, the evening aartis and community events organised by the temple are a great way to do so. 

Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir
Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandirsecret.london/Instagram

Besides visiting this temple, you must also check out the various Indian stores that line Ealing Road. Along the stretch, you will come across boutiques selling colourful Indian clothes, many artefacts, and even groceries that you would not find anywhere else. 

Where To Stay

If you are travelling from India and want to stay in a locality where you can find the comfort of your home and familiar faces in just a few minutes, the Ealing precinct puts you up at the right address. Moreover, you are likely to find a place according to your budget category. If you are searching for accommodation that is mid-range and not very expensive, Ibis Styles (approx. INR 8,800 per night), Park Plaza London Park Royal (approx. INR 7,500 per night), and Hotel 55 (approx. INR 8,700 per night)are great options. 

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