A Beginner's Guide To Solo Travelling In Switzerland

Whether you're traversing historic city streets or standing in awe of the majestic Alps, Switzerland offers a diverse range of opportunities for exploration
Top view of the historical Thun city
Top view of the historical Thun city Shutterstock

Switzerland, often called the "Land of the Alps," is a picturesque country known for its stunning landscapes, charming cities, and efficient public transportation system. It's no wonder that solo travellers often find themselves drawn to this European gem. Whether you're an adventurer seeking outdoor thrills, a culture enthusiast exploring historic sites, or simply someone searching for tranquillity, Switzerland offers an array of experiences for every solo traveller. Here, we delve into essential tips and recommendations to make your solo journey through Switzerland unforgettable.

Carry A Pocket Translator

Even though the divide between French, German, and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland is clear, carrying some pocket guides is advisable, especially if you intend to explore remote areas of the country. You don't have to be fluent in multiple languages, but grasping the essentials is handy.

For example, Swiss-German and 'High German' are somewhat different. While most people in Swiss German-speaking areas can communicate in 'High German,' it's a good idea to pick up a few Swiss-German phrases to ensure effective communication.

Be Mindful Of The Costs

Aerial view of a train passing through a mountain in Filisur, Switzerland
Aerial view of a train passing through a mountain in Filisur, SwitzerlandShutterstock

Switzerland is pricey. Everything from basic meals to accommodation can be expensive. While budget travel is doable, it's wiser to research and go during the off-season for better prices.

If you're a student, bring your ID for attraction discounts. You can drink tap water here. Save money and the planet by using a refillable bottle instead of buying water bottles.

Get A Swiss Travel Pass

Travelling in Switzerland is smooth. Get a Swiss Travel Pass for unlimited travel options across the country. Some train rides boast stunning Alps views, like the slow Glacier Express and scenic GoldenPass Line from Lake Geneva to Lake Lucerne. Hotels often give free transport passes.

Embrace The Culinary Delights


Switzerland is not only known for its stunning landscapes but also its delectable cuisine. Indulge in the country's world-famous chocolate, a treat for your taste buds and a delightful souvenir. Visiting chocolate shops and factories allows one to witness the art of chocolate-making firsthand.

Regarding traditional Swiss dishes, fondue and raclette are culinary experiences you shouldn't miss. Fondue involves dipping bread into melted cheese, while raclette features melted cheese scraped onto potatoes and vegetables. These dishes are delicious and offer a glimpse into Swiss gastronomic culture.

Exploring local markets is a fantastic way to engage with the local community and sample fresh produce, cheeses, and artisanal crafts. Markets provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Swiss culture and discover regional specialities.

Safety First

Stay vigilant and watch your belongings, especially in larger cities like Geneva and Zurich. As Swiss law mandates, it's crucial to carry identity cards with you at all times.

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