7 Must-Visit Places On Your First Trip To Bangladesh

From verdant hill stations to ancient archaeological cities, explore the must-visit sites of Bangladesh for a memorable first trip
Sajek, Bangladesh
Sajek, BangladeshShutterstock

Located east of India and bordered by it on its three sides, Bangladesh is famous for its lush green landscapes, numerous waterways, rich cultural heritage, diverse population, and massive textile industry. The place boasts a rich history with relics of Hindu, Islamic, and Buddhist traditions. With a significant cultural identity, Bangladesh upholds a vibrant art, literature, traditional music, and folklore culture. "Amar Shonar Bangla," penned by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, is the country's national anthem.

Marked by numerous rivers and waterways, the country has fertile land, most of which is part of the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta. With such bountiful physiography and culture, Bangladesh should be on your travel wish list.

Although it shares borders with India, travellers must remember to apply for a Bangladesh visa before the trip. It is illegal to travel to Bangladesh without a passport whether by air, sea, or road. Travellers must ensure that their documents are in order before visiting.

Explore some of the must-visit places of Bangladesh that will forever remain with you as a memorable experience.


Rangamati, Bangladesh
Rangamati, BangladeshShutterstock

Located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh, Rangmati is a district housed in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Serene natural expanses, including lush hills, pristine lakes, and picturesque landscapes, mark the district. Various indigenous communities inhabit it, and it enjoys popularity among tourists as a destination that lends mind-cleansing tranquillity and natural splendour.

Not To Miss: Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake
Kaptai LakeShutterstock

The largest artificial lake in Bangladesh is located in Rangamati. The lake was created when the Kaptai Dam was constructed on the Karnaphuli River under the Karnaphuli hydroelectric project.

Sajek Valley

Sajek, Bangladesh
Sajek, BangladeshShutterstock

Also famous as the Queen of Hills, or the Roof of Rangamati, Sajek Valley is nestled among the hills of the Kasalong range of mountains in Sajek Union, Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District. The valley is 1,800 ft high above sea level, with many small rivers that flow through the hills. Kachalon and Machalong are famous, among others. The main ethnic minorities in the valley are Chakma, Marma, Tripuri, Pankho, Kaibarta, and Lushai.

Not To Miss: Traditional tribal food

At the highest peak of the Sajek Valley, which also gives the best view of the area, travellers can find delectable local food in local eateries and traditional tribal food. It gives you a true essence of the flavours of the place.


Sreemangal, Bangladesh
Sreemangal, BangladeshShutterstock

Often known as the "Tea Capital" of Bangladesh due to its endless plains of tea plantations and estates, Sreemangal is a popular among tourists as a picnic spot. Travellers can visit the Tea Board Resort and Museum to enjoy a nice evening with indoor activities.

Not To Miss: Community Ecotourism

At Sreemangal, travellers can find Community Ecotourism, a private tour operator that conducts responsible and sustainable tours of the area. You can indulge in parasailing and paragliding, sports camps and clinics, cooking classes, factory tours and other activities.

St. Martin's Island

An aerial view of St. Martin's Island
An aerial view of St. Martin's IslandShutterstock

St. Martin's Island is a popular tourist destination and the only coral island in Bangladesh. Located in the Bay of Bengal at the tip of Cox's Bazar-Teknaf peninsula, it is known for its stunning coral reefs, clear waters, and diverse marine life. Travellers can indulge in snorkelling, scuba diving, and fresh-water swimming. A unique flora and fauna assemblage marks the island.

Not To Miss: Boat ride to Chera Dweep

Chera Dweep
Chera DweepShutterstock

Chera Dweep is an extension island at St. Martin's surrounded by coral reefs. Travellers can hire a speedboat or a local fisherman to travel to Chera. It tends to get submerged during high tides.

Cox's Bazar

Traditional boat at Cox's bazar
Traditional boat at Cox's bazar Shutterstock

Located on the southeast coast in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh along the Bay of Bengal, Cox's Bazar is a famous beach town extending from Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south. The place boasts the longest natural sea beach in the world, stretching over 120 km. Among tourists, it is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and vibrant local culture.

Not To Miss: Himchari National Park

Coxbazar Himchari
Coxbazar HimchariWikimedia Commons

The Himchari National Park is a major national park declared a protected area in 1980. Apart from mixed evergreen forests, it houses five species of mammals including hoolock gibbon, leopard cat, fishing cat, and tiger, 286 species of different birds including barn swallow and Asian palm swift, and 117 species of plants including herbs, shrubs, canes, palms, ferns, and innumerable orchids. Additionally, they have 13 species of amphibians and 56 species of reptiles.


Tea gardens of Sylhet
Tea gardens of SylhetShutterstock

Sylhet is a city located in the eastern part of Bangladesh along the banks of River Surma. The place is famous for its medieval architecture. It houses many shrines and tombs of medieval Sufi saints. The tomb and mosque of 14th-century saint Hazrat Shah Jalal can be found near Dargah Gate. The place also has the Museum of Rajas, which contains belongings of the local folk poet Hasan Raja.

Not To Miss: Sylhet Shahi Eidgah

Sylhet Eidgah
Sylhet EidgahShutterstock

The Sylhet Shahi Eidgah is a three-domed medieval mosque built by Emperor Aurangzeb. It is a historical place once used as a site to deliver speeches by Gandhi and Jinnah.



Bagerhat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was founded by the 15th-century Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali. It exhibits ancient mosques with remarkable architectural styles, mausoleums, and other architectural wonders that showcase the place's rich historical and cultural significance.

Not To Miss: Shait-Gumbad Mosque

Shait-Gumbad Mosque
Shait-Gumbad MosqueShutterstock

Shait-Gumbad Mosque, or the Six-Domed Mosque, is a 15th-century mosque showcasing the Tughluq architecture style. It is one of the monuments within the Mosque City of Bagerhat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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