Spark The Romance: 5 Breathtaking Thai Escapes For Couples

Thailand offers a variety of enchanting destinations perfect for a romantic getaway, whether you prefer chasing the perfect sunset on beaches or following trekking trails in the mountains
Thailand has several destinations that are perfect for a dose of romance
Thailand has several destinations that are perfect for a dose of romanceDay2505/Shutterstock

Thailand, a Southeast Asian treasure, is often referred to as the "Land of Smiles" for its warm and friendly people. The country boasts a rich and vibrant culture, with awe-inspiring landscapes that range from pristine beaches and lush jungles to misty mountains and bustling cities. Thailand is also an enchanting destination that beckons couples to embark on an idyllic honeymoon or a romantic escapade to a dreamy location. If you are keen to create unforgettable memories, here are some romantic destinations in Thailand that are perfect for you.

Koh Samui

A beautiful sunset om Nathon, Koh Samui
A beautiful sunset om Nathon, Koh SamuiSuttirat Wiriyanon/Shutterstock

Koh Samui is one of the most popular romantic destinations in Thailand. This large island situated in the Gulf of Siam boasts a variety of beautiful beaches to choose from, while its interior is covered with coconut trees and soft, rolling hills. Koh Samui also offers stunning world-class luxurious resorts where couples can enjoy a paradise-like holiday. The island is a part of the Angthong Marine National Park, and it's located just a couple of hours away by boat from Ko Phangan and Ko Tao. This means that there are ample opportunities for exploration and activities, including kayaking, snorkelling, and diving. All these activities make for an exciting and memorable romantic getaway with your partner.


Koh Hong island in Krabi
Koh Hong island in KrabiGuitar photographer/Shutterstock

Krabi is a beautiful and romantic beach destination that is relatively less popular than Samui and Phuket. However, it is no less stunning with its dramatic cliffs and clear waters. It is perfect for couples looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway on the mainland. Krabi is also located close to Phuket and other islands in Andaman Bay, including Phi Phi. So, if you want to explore the rest of the region, Krabi can serve as a great base. Railay Beach, which is accessible only by boat, is an ideal spot for a romantic vacation. Additionally, one should not miss the popular Island tours on signature long-tail boats.

Khao Lak

Aerial view of a tropical sunset with a lighthouse in the foreground in Khao Lak
Aerial view of a tropical sunset with a lighthouse in the foreground in Khao LakRichard Whitcombe/Shutterstock

When planning a honeymoon, many people envision secluded, private beaches with beautiful resorts far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Khao Lak, located just north of Phuket, is an excellent destination for couples seeking such an experience. Only 90 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport (HKT), it is an ideal choice for couples celebrating a special occasion. Khao Lak offers a rustic yet luxurious ambiance that is perfect for a romantic getaway. You can explore the stunning nature preserves, untouched islands, and pristine beaches with your significant other, or indulge in a romantic beach dinner.

Chiang Mai

Go hiking in Chiang Mai
Go hiking in Chiang MaiAU USAnakul/Shutterstock

This city in Thailand is perfect for a romantic getaway for those who love history, culture, and food. The city features ancient temples, charming boutiques, beautiful gardens, and vibrant street life. If you prefer outdoor activities, the mountainous area surrounding Chiang Mai is lush and green and offers plenty of adventure, including river rafting. Visitors usually go on multi-day hikes in the Chiang Mai region, which can be quite rugged.


Have an afternoon tea surrounded by trees in Phuket
Have an afternoon tea surrounded by trees in Phuket Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Phuket offers visitors a wide range of experiences. If you're looking for romance and luxury, this island has got you covered. While the popular beaches like Patong and Kamala are enjoyable, if you want a more romantic experience, consider visiting one of the smaller beaches in the north or south of the island. Surin Beach, Kata Beach, and Nai Hark Beach are all peaceful and relaxed areas you could visit.

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