5 Amazing Night Markets In And Around Bangkok For Souvenirs

The diversity of the markets in Thailand makes it an ideal destination for any shopaholic or adventurer.
A shop selling vintage and antique items at the Train Night Market
A shop selling vintage and antique items at the Train Night Market David Bokuchava/Shutterstock

Thailand is known for fascinating night markets that offer not just a shopping experience but also an unforgettable adventure. As the sun sets over the bustling city of Bangkok, the night markets come alive with a vibrant energy that's hard to resist. Amidst the bright lights and lively chatter, you'll find a treasure trove of gems from a wide variety of stalls offering vintage memorabilia and collectibles, excellent local ceramics, handicrafts, clothes, and more. As you wander through the maze of stalls, your senses will be tantalised by the delicious smells of sizzling street food, ranging from spicy curries to crispy fried snacks. And what better way to wash it all down than with a cold local beer or a refreshing cocktail? With so much to see, taste, and experience, Bangkok's night markets are an adventure not to be missed. Most of them start at around 6-7pm and go on till midnight. Here's a guide to some of the most interesting night markets in and around Bangkok that you wouldn't want to miss.

Rot Fai Market

Looking for a unique and exciting shopping experience in Bangkok? Try the Rod Fai Market. Also known as the "Train Market", it is located on the outskirts of Bangkok alongside train tracks, and is a must-visit destination for both tourists and locals alike. With three sections to explore, the market offers an eclectic mix of vintage and collectible items from the past, including antique furniture, and hippie fashion, among other things. You never know what you'll find at the Rod Fai Market. Picture a 1950s Cadillac parked next to vintage leather jackets, French chandeliers, or 1960s action figures from Japan. It's a treasure trove of unique finds waiting to be discovered. But it's not just the shopping that makes the market so special. The Rod Fai Market is also home to trendy bars, restaurants, and snack stalls, making it the perfect spot for an evening out. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a sit-down dinner, you'll find plenty of options to suit your taste buds. And with the market open from Thursday to Sunday, from sunset to midnight, you have plenty of time to explore everything the market has to offer.

Address: Ratchada Road, near the Esplanade Mall and Thailand Cultural Centre MRT

Chilling at the Rot Fai Train Night Market in Bangkok
Chilling at the Rot Fai Train Night Market in BangkokCatwalk Photos/Shutterstock

Indy Market

Located in the Thonburi district, on the other side of the river, this night market is a relatively new addition to the scene. It has a trendy vibe that's particularly popular among the local youth. The market is open from 6 pm to 12 am and features over 400 local vendors selling a variety of goods, including food, clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags. While it's mainly aimed at locals, anyone can visit. Vintage enthusiasts can check out the pop-up zone, which is exclusively dedicated to vintage items such as home decor, sunglasses, and watches.

Address: Dao Khanong, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150, Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market

The night weekend market in Chatuchak Green Park, Bangkok
The night weekend market in Chatuchak Green Park, BangkokNuTz/Shutterstock

Chatuchak Weekend Market is internationally recognised as one of the world's largest and most extensive weekend markets. The market partially opens on Friday night for the Chatuchak Friday Night Market, also known as JJ Market. It has over 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors, divided into 27 parts. The market offers a vast range of products, including home decor, furniture, electronics, and artwork. At night, you can mainly find wholesale clothing and fashion products. If you enjoy late-night shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, Chatuchak at night is the perfect place for you.

Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, near the Mo Chit BTS

Chang Chui

Hang out under an old aircraft at the Chang Chui market
Hang out under an old aircraft at the Chang Chui marketKimberry Wood/Shutterstock

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market is one of the most fascinating places to shop and dine in the city. Its main attraction is the shell of a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar airplane, which is sure to catch your attention. The market features several buildings made from recycled materials, adding to its cool and artistic atmosphere. You can indulge in a wide selection of food and craft beer, as well as shop for boutique fashion pieces. Families can also enjoy the slides, treehouses, and swings scattered throughout the market.

Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700, Thailand

Saphan Phut

The night market situated beneath the Saphan Phut bridge, also known as the Memorial Bridge, has been a popular spot for many years now. It is a preferred destination for Thai students and young people who are looking for products at low prices. The stalls offer trendy clothes, both new and second-hand, shoes, second-hand branded bags in perfect condition, as well as musical instruments. One of the highlights is that you can get a caricature or portrait done by one of the talented artists present at the market.

Address: QG49+R3J, Lan Luang Rd, Si Yaek Maha Nak, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300, Thailand

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