Palaces That Will Bring Your Bridgerton Fantasies Alive

Ahead of the much awaited Season 3 of Bridgerton, let's get a taste of royalty from summer travels. We believe a visit to one of these palaces should do the trick
Hampton Court Palace - the former home of King Henry VIII is the on-screen opulent residence of Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton
Hampton Court Palace - the former home of King Henry VIII is the on-screen opulent residence of Queen Charlotte in BridgertonWikimedia Commons

The ballrooms with sky-brushing roofs, snow-white satin gloves, elaborate hair-dos and charming men make Bridgerton fans wish upon a star for nothing more than a day in 1830s' Grosvenor Square. Lucky for you, this world has seen a fair share of everything since the dawn of humanity, grandiose palaces having a large chunk in the history books. 

If you are not in England, here's a quick list of palaces that look just like the sets of Bridgerton, but are bigger and better!

Luxembourg Palace, Paris 

Luxembourg Palace, Paris 
Luxembourg Palace, Paris Shutterstock

Salomon de Brosse designed this architectural marvel that was built in the 17th century for the regent Marie de Medici. The rusticated facade of the Luxembourg Palace is inspired by the Italian Renaissance palazzo. This palace has gone from being a prison to the venue for the Paris Peace Conference. With a shimmering lake at its feet, the Luxembourg Palace garden is the perfect place for a peaceful promenade. Note that you can enter the palace during a small window in the day when all government buildings are open for visitation.

Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid
Royal Palace of MadridShutterstock

One of the largest palaces in Western Europe, the Royal Palace of Madrid is split across 1 million square feet. A jolly amalgamation of styles can be noted in this epitome of architecture. The enthralling interior of the palace uses intricate artwork like frescoes, sculptures, tapestries, and mirrors, not to mention the frescoes that were painted by the likes of Giovanni Batista Tiepolo. The Grand Staircase of this palace should successfully help you imagine Daphne Bridgerton in majestic white standing at the very top, her eyes sweeping the ballroom for the handsome Duke.

Drottningholm Royal Palace, Sweden

Drottningholm Royal Palace
Drottningholm Royal PalaceShutterstock

A renowned UNESCO world heritage site, this palace is located on an island in Lake Malar in a Stockholm suburb. This 18th-century beauty was inspired by the famous Palace of Versailles in France (another breathtaking palace you shouldn't miss out on) This Swedish delight has a dash of Italian as well as French architecture. Even today, the Swedish royalty resides in this palace. The enticing, verdant Chinese Pavilion in the palace park is a grand show of architecture combined with elegant interiors - a symbol of the contact between Europe and Asia in the 18th century. Take a little boat ride in Lake Malar as you stare at the grandeur of the facade with violins and cellos playing in your head.

National Palace of Queluz, Portugal

National Palace of Queluz in Portugal
National Palace of Queluz in PortugalShutterstock

Another all-time favourite for architecture enthusiasts, this palace is located between Sintra and Lisbon. Having a strong rococo flavour, you can tell that the architects went gaga with the details. With a splash of coral blue on the facade, the National Palace of Queluz. The golden interiors are adorned with a roof covered in flowing designs, bearing a resplendent chandelier, shimmering. The gardens are bedecked by intriguing sculptures of mythological creatures that are bound to catch your eye. 

In England

The popularity of the show has led Visit Britain to launch a Bridgerton Filming Location tour for visitors. Discover the enchanting city of Bath, a key filming location for the series, and delve into the Bridgerton family residence. Visit Hampton Court Palace, depicted as Queen Charlotte's majestic abode, and venture to the picturesque Yorkshire to explore Castle Howard, the Duke of Hastings' splendid estate. With a plethora of destinations to explore, including Bristol's majestic residences, Surrey's meticulously groomed parks, and expansive estates in Hertfordshire spanning 2,500 acres, you're guaranteed to immerse yourself in the world of your beloved series amidst these breathtaking settings.

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