Why You Must Experience Varanasi's Dev Deepawali At Least Once

Dev Deepawali, or the festival of lights of the gods, is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Kartik, which usually falls in November or December
Dev Deepawali is a beautiful celebration in Varanasi
Dev Deepawali is a beautiful celebration in VaranasiShutterstock

Varanasi’s Dev Deepawali is a festival one needs to experience at least once with their lives. It is a celebration of light, faith, and culture that will fill your heart with joy and awe. It is a festival that marks the day when Lord Shiva defeated the demon Tripurasura and also the day when the gods descend to earth to bathe in the holy Ganga river.

Varanasi, also known as Kashi or Banaras, is one of the oldest and most sacred cities in the world. It is a city that has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, the birth and death of saints and sages, and the evolution and diversity of cultures. It is a city that is alive with spirituality, history, and art. And it is during Dev Deepawali that Varanasi shines its brightest and reveals its true beauty.

The Ghats Lit Up

Varanasi Ghats being lit up by diyas
Varanasi Ghats being lit up by diyasShutterstock

You will witness a spectacle of lights that will mesmerize you. On the eve of Dev Deepawali, all the ghats along the river Ganga are decorated with more than a million earthen lamps or diyas. The lamps are lit by volunteers, locals, and visitors, creating a stunning visual effect that resembles a starry sky. The lamps symbolize the illumination of one’s soul and also pay tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The sight of thousands of lamps floating on the water creates a magical atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.

You Will Witness Ganga Aarti

Ganga aarti ceremony rituals
Ganga aarti ceremony rituals Shutterstock

Ganga Aarti is a ritual that involves the veneration of the river Ganga using fire, flowers, incense, and hymns. Priests perform the aarti at various ghats along the river, but the most popular one takes place at Dashashwamedh Ghat, where hundreds of people gather to witness the ceremony. The aarti is accompanied by music, dance, and cultural performances that showcase local talent. It's a way to express gratitude and respect to Ganga, who is revered as the mother of all living beings and the source of life.

Visit For The Fireworks

Fireworks are being performed at the ghats of Varanasi
Fireworks are being performed at the ghats of Varanasi Shutterstock

You're in for a real treat with the fireworks display that's planned for the festival if you are planning to visit this year. It's going to be an incredible show, with colours and patterns lighting up the night sky. The fireworks will be set off from several locations along the river, making for an unforgettable experience that can be seen from miles away. They really add to the celebratory atmosphere and are the perfect way to honour the joy and glory of Dev Deepawali.

Boat Ride

Boats in the water during Dev Deepawali festival
Boats in the water during Dev Deepawali festivalShutterstock

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Varanasi during Dev Deepawali is to take a boat ride on the river Ganga. You can witness the magnificent view of the ghats lit up with lamps, the majestic temples and buildings along the riverfront, and the serene atmosphere of the river. You can also see the rituals and ceremonies taking place on different ghats from your boat, and join them if you wish.

Cultural Events

In addition to the beautiful ghats, there are many cultural events to enjoy during the festival. You'll have the chance to take in music concerts, dance shows, puppet shows, and folk art exhibitions. These events are an opportunity to witness the incredible talent and creativity of local artists and performers who entertain and educate visitors with their skills and knowledge. You won't want to miss experiencing this vibrant and diverse cultural scene.

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