Offbeat Alert: 5 Lesser-Known Places To Visit In Rajasthan

From Alisisar to Lodhruva's Jain Temples, head to these places to soak in the essence of Rajasthan's vibrant and diverse cultural heritage
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Rajasthan, with its many colours, has a lot to offer. From historic forts to the entertaining puppetry, there are many places to visit in Rajasthan to soak in the state's glory. Beyond the iconic forts, palaces, and renowned cities, the state holds hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Best Places To Visit In Rajasthan

While destinations like Jaipur and Udaipur are well-known, the lesser-explored destinations deserve attention too.


Alsisar is well-known for hosting the annual Magnetic Fields Music Festival in December. However, it is also famous for the frescoes in centuries-old havelis, and makes for an interesting destination beyond those few days of the music fest too. Located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, this quaint town offers a serene and immersive experience. Here, Alsisar Mahal is a popular choice for a comfortable stay. It boasts 51 rooms, a refreshing swimming pool, and a stunning dining room. The property provides an authentic ambience for guests to enjoy. You can look forward to a laidback atmosphere and an opportunity to discover the architectural marvels of the region. Whether exploring the town's historical sites or relaxing in the serene surroundings, Alsisar offers a unique and tranquil experience in Rajasthan.


Located 7 km from Jaisalmer, Lodhruva has a rich history of enduring multiple attacks from the Mughals. However, each time, its rulers reconstructed it into a place of even more beauty. Today, the ruins of Lodhruva stand as a testament to its glorious past. With some of the most remarkable temples in the region, Lodhruva is certainly one of the must-visit places in Rajasthan. One of the major attractions is a Jain temple dating back to the 10th century, later rebuilt after 500 years. In addition, a Shiva temple and other nearby shrines also offer a captivating display of architectural excellence and intricate designs. 


The abandoned village of Kuldhara
The abandoned village of Kuldhara

Located approximately 40 minutes from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara has become one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan because of its abandoned village, once inhabited by a population of thousands. According to local legends, the villagers mysteriously deserted their homes overnight and placed a curse on anyone who attempted to settle in the area. As a result, tales of ghosts and supernatural entities abound, attracting adventurous individuals who dare to explore the village, even during the night. However, for a more comfortable and secure experience, it is advisable to visit during the daytime when the village still exudes an eerie atmosphere, ensuring a timely return to the safety of your hotel before nightfall.


Situated approximately 120 km from Jaisalmer, close to the India-Pakistan border, it is a historic site where a significant battle took place between the two countries. In 1971, despite facing a severe assault from Pakistan, a small company of soldiers valiantly defended their post and successfully repelled the incursion. This site now offers visitors the opportunity to embark on a day trip to the border post, where they can interact with soldiers and witness the Pakistani tanks and jeeps captured during the conflict. It is advisable to consult local tour operators for information regarding permits and procedures to ensure a smooth visit to the border post.

Dundlod Fort

Inside Dundlod Fort
Inside Dundlod FortShutterstock

Dundlod Fort, around 150 km from Jaipur, offers a memorable historic retreat. If you want to wish to escape the bustle of the city life and enjoy an offbeat staycation, Dundlod Fort is one of the best places in Rajasthan to do so. This magnificent fort has been converted into a heritage hotel, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the Rajputana lifestyle in the heart of Rajasthan's Shekhawati region. Horseback safaris can be arranged for those seeking adventure, allowing you to explore the beautiful countryside surrounding the fort. With its blend of history, royal hospitality, and picturesque landscapes, a stay at Dundlod Fort promises a truly enchanting experience. 

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