Solo Date: 5 Ways To Explore Bengaluru On Your Own

From battling traffic to barely getting through every day, it becomes easy to lose oneself to the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are some ideas to unwind and spend time in your own company
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Bengaluru is constantly on the run like any other city. But if you are looking for a sign to stop and take a breather, here it is. The need for self-care is now higher than ever. Although there are many fun places you could crash with your friends, sometimes you need to get that alone time to rejuvenate and recharge. This is where going on solo dates will help you. If you are confused about what you could do alone on a day off, the city has several options open for you. Let's make some plans, shall we?

Visit the Museum of Art and Photography

There is a rich museum culture in the city. Adding another jewel to its crown is the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP). A private museum that is home to Indian art, photography, textiles, and many more is situated in the heart of Bengaluru at Vasanthnagar. MAP is a five-storey building that also offers a research library, educational centres, and art galleries. It also conducts frequent workshops and exhibitions that you check out. If you are looking for something educational, fun and interesting, this place is for you!

Address: 22, Kasturba Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Rage Room in Bangalore
Rage Room in Bangalorerageroombangalore/Instagram

Smash your Stress Away at the Rage Room

First of its kind, the rage room is where you should go if you want to relieve your frustration over your boss or colleague. The place is open only on pre-booking, and it has a soundproof glass door and a curtain, so you are left to your own devices. You can demolish everything in the room and are charged according to the items and duration of the session with 99 rs for a session session. The price ranges from INR 299 to 2,099. Book your session to let out your anger and frustration.

Address: Metro station and Pai Vista Convention Hall, 14-3, Pattalamma Temple Road, near South End Circle, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru

Watch a Play at Ranga Shankara

Bengaluru has a diverse theatre community. Opened in 2004, the Raga Shankara stands as one of the strongest pillars of the theatre scene in the city. Ranga Shankara has several theatrical courses apart from hosting plays in many languages throughout the week. If you enjoy watching plays or are looking for a new experience, a solo date would be a good opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of theatre.

Address: 36/2, 8th Cross Rd, R K Colony, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Spend Time at Therpup: The Dog Cafe

Want to take your dog out for your solo date? Look no further. This dog cafe has the right ambience for you. A perfect place for dog lovers, Therpup has a blend of good food surrounded by friendly dogs. With a large space for pets to run around, Therapup is a lovable place to meet furry friends and dog lovers. Add this to your weekend plans, and have the best time!

Address: Therpup Dog Cafe, Kaithota Road, Whitefield Road, Nagondanahalli, Bengaluru

Indulge in Street Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, it's no secret that you already know your way around Commercial Street and Brigade Road. On this solo date, you can explore street shopping at Malleshwaram, and Jayanagar, and pieces of Old Bengaluru. Along the way, you will also find incredible art murals to soothe your eyes. May we also remind you to make sure to stop at iconic eateries to get your daily dose of masala dosa and filter coffee!

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