Preparing For A Gulmarg Trip? Here's Your Packing Checklist

When planning a trip to Gulmarg, it's important to pack wisely to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience
Gulmarg, Kashmir
Gulmarg, KashmirWikimedia Commons

Gulmarg, located at 2,650 metres in Kashmir, experiences heavy snowfall for about three months and remains snow-covered until May. Due to its exposure to the challenging Himalayan climate and the occasional impact of regional political unrest, it's advisable to keep a few things in mind when planning your trip to Gulmarg.

Get Yourself A Post-Paid SIM

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Pre-paid SIM cards activated outside the Kashmir Valley won't work here. It's recommended to carry post-paid SIM cards, which provides strong signals in remote areas to ensure reliable mobile connectivity. If you don't have a post-paid SIM, you can obtain a pre-paid one upon your arrival in Kashmir.

Don't Forget The Essentials

Trekking Essentials

Kashmir is a prime trekking destination, and for treks, you'll need a backpack with a rain cover, high-ankle trekking shoes, a day pack with essentials like lunch, water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a headlamp. Don't forget a trekking pole and personal medical kit. 

Skiing Essentials

For a skiing trip to Kashmir, bring a Ski Jacket, Ski trousers, multiple pairs of Ski socks, Ski gloves, Ski cap, and Ski goggles. Ensure you have suitable ski shoes for your equipment. 

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For representational purposesWikimedia Commons

Carry A Power Bank

A power bank is a must-have when visiting Gulmarg. This becomes especially crucial during treks or hikes when access to power sources is limited. And, if you choose homestays in remote areas, be prepared for potential power cuts, making your power bank an invaluable companion for keeping your devices charged.

Plan Ahead

Book your accommodations in advance if you are arriving during the high season or around significant festivals such as the Winter Festival. During the Winter Festival, finding a place to stay can be challenging, hence, it is feasible to secure your lodging before your arrival.

Carry The Right Clothes

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When visiting Kashmir in summer, protect yourself from harsh sunlight with sunscreen and stay hydrated with a water bottle. If you wish to hike, bring dry-fit full-sleeve T-shirts and pack extra clothes for riverside visits.

In the cold and snowy Kashmir winters, ensure you have proper winter shoes, two inner fleece layers, a sweater, and a padded jacket for insulation. Don't forget a woolen cap, gloves, socks, and goggles for warmth and eye protection from snow reflection.

Use Local Transport

In Kashmir, you won't find Ola or Uber services. Your travel within the region relies on local transportation, so it's wise to arrange transportation through your tour operator. 

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