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Many shades, one world, discover Pondi like never before
Timeless elegance meets modern luxury - Palais de Mahe
Timeless elegance meets modern luxury - Palais de Mahe

Pondicherry, a timeless gem along the Bay of Bengal, enchants visitors with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With roots of Tamil heritage and marked by its French colonial legacy, this captivating town, with its scenic boulevards and pastel-hued villas, narrates stories of a bygone era, inviting one to explore its vibrant streets where time seems to linger.

The fusion of French elegance and Indian vibrancy weaves a unique tapestry that is both captivating and serene.

At this confluence of myriad versions of Pondicherry and imbibing CGH Earth’s core values of adopting local ethos, benefiting the local community and nurturing environment-friendly practices, the brand offers a distinguished array of stays. 

Palais de Mahe, located just 50 meters from the seaside promenade, epitomizes the blend of French and Indian charm with its cool, airy high ceilings, traditional roof beams, arched doorways, wooden balconies, and large verandahs, and walls painted in the storied hue of ochre yellow. The interiors boast a distinctly French character featuring classic designs enhanced by stylish modern touches. Let our skilled chef charm your appetite with culinary delights featuring a mix of Tamil-inspired and European Cuisine. For quieter moments, guests can unwind & relax by the poolside. 

A Storied Chettiar legacy in
Pondicherry - Maison Perumal
A Storied Chettiar legacy in Pondicherry - Maison Perumal

Maison Perumal, a 130-year-old Chettiar mansion in the Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry, has been transformed into a distinguished boutique hotel. Intricate works of Kolam usher one to this 18th-century house, which reflects a rich Franco-Tamil heritage. Featuring a vibrant courtyard garden, every facet of Chettiar novelty is thoughtfully preserved here. Experience an immersive stay in a unique historic ambience. Let our chefs introduce you to the rich Tamil cuisine, curating age-old recipes and churning unforgettable gastronomic delights.

Résidence de l’Evêché is a historic landmark in the French Quarter dating back to the 1790s. It takes one back in time when the Archbishop’s residence was located on the street. The house has seen notable owners like the Goubert family. Restored to exude a calming ambience, the villa features three bedrooms with private balconies and terraces that open to quaint streets, allowing guests to unwind and step back in time. It is an ideal getaway for a private holiday, a long stay in a home-like environment, or an intimate holiday with family and friends. 

Experience a heritage bungalow's intimate charm - Résidence de l’Evêché
Experience a heritage bungalow's intimate charm - Résidence de l’Evêché

Every stay is tailored to capture the true essence of Pondicherry.  That’s not all. Versus yourself with Pondicherry’s spirit and history through guided heritage walks, rickshaw rides, or e-bikes. Explore Auroville’s sustainable serenity, or choose to experience the unhindered joy of the sea on a sailing yacht. Let the art galleries, boutiques, quaint cafes, and serene beaches, along with the land’s cultural expressiveness, welcome you to an unforgettable journey.  Come explore Pondi with CGH Earth in all its glory. 

For bookings: contact@cghearth.com; +91 75940 12555 or log in to www.cghearth.com

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