Places To Visit In Udaipur During The Rainy Season

Ditch the crowds in the more popular winter season and explore the charms of the beloved City of Lakes during the much awaited monsoons
Places To Visit In Udaipur During The Rainy Season
A panoramic view of the city at night/ The Wire Science

A jewel in the crown of the state of Rajasthan, Udaipur, fondly known as the City of Lakes experiences a much-needed respite from the heat during monsoon season. Surrounded by the Aravallis and home to a number of lakes makes the rainy season one of the best times to explore the city, with the waterbodies at their fullest and the hills submerged in lush greenery all around. Udaipur in monsoons is truly a magical experience, and here is your guide to experiencing the royal city in a new season.

Visit the Monsoon Palace

As the name visibly suggests, the best time to visit Monsoon Palace, also known as Sajjangarh Palace, are the rainy months. It is about 5 kilometres from the city centre and situated atop a hill on an elevation of 3000 feet. The Palace was originally built by the king to become an observatory, but his death halted the construction. It was later used by the British as a summer retreat. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, the city and most importantly the Fateh Sagar Lake. The best time to visit the palace are the monsoon months, with the freshly green surroundings offering the best views in the city

The tickets cost INR 110 for Indians and INR 455 for foreigners, and if you choose driving up the hill to the palace instead of walking, it costs about INR 305.

A 360 degree view of the Sajjangarh Palace and its surrounding areas/ Google Images

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated around the Sajjangarh Palace and very near to Lake Pichola, Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary is popularly known to be the lungs of Udaipur. It is home to a number of zebras, wild boars, panther and sambars and is surrounded by trees. A variety of birds and reptiles also call the sanctuary home and the artificial Jiyan Lake caters to its water requirements. The space is crucial in maintaining the ecological balance of the city and is also home to a research laboratory that enables researchers to learn and study about various natural life forms.

The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary are the monsoon months when the place comes alive. The sanctuary is open from 10 am to 6 pm except on Tuesdays and other public holidays. The entry fee is INR 30 and if you wish to take a camera inside, the fee is INR 80 for the same.

A lion resting after a rain shower in the sanctuary/ Google Images

Experience the magic of Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola forms the heart of Udaipur. The lake is home to four small islands, namely Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir and Arsi Vilas. These islands house famous attractions like the Lake Palace and Jag Mandir. An unforgettable experience during the monsoons would be to take a boat ride during sunset on Lake Pichola, with the lake brimming with water due to the season and reflecting the nearby attractions and the city of Udaipur in its crystal-clear waters. You can then visit the Ghats for a calming end to the ride. The weather further ensures that it is windy all around.

Boat trips leave roughly every hour from the Rameshwar Ghat located in City Palace. Note that to enter the Palace you have to pay a fee of INR 30.

A sunset view from an evening boat ride in Lake Pichola/ Pixels

Mesmerise yourself with a visit to Phoolon ki Ghati

Phoolon ki Ghati, or the Valley of Flowers is a newly developed tourist spot in Udaipur. Located in the Chirwa area, the valley is spread around an area of 80 hectares and is a part of the urban forestry scheme. During monsoons, the Ghati is transformed into a green and blooming paradise and visitors can indulge in ziplining, walking trails and photography.

The entry fee is again INR 30 per person but students are charged at INR 10 per person. Be mindful of not littering the space.

Seasonal flowers in full bloom at Phoolon ki Ghati/ Google Images

Explore the Rayta Hills

Located about 20 kilometres from the city of Udaipur, the hidden gem that is Rayta Hill is a perfect full day trip to experience the monsoons amidst the lap of nature. The drive to Rayta Village is scenic and the mountainous area is devoid of any shops, restaurants or houses. The surroundings are purely lush green landscapes, making it the perfect spot for trekking and then indulging in a picnic. The mist covered hills and the smell of wet Earth only adds to the charm of the place.

The panoramic views offered by the Rayta Hills/ Google Images

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