OT Travel Itinerary: Your 2-Day Guide To Bhubaneswar

Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or a modern-day explorer, Bhubaneswar promises a memorable and enriching experience
Lingaraj Temple
Lingaraj Temple

Also known as the "City of Temples," Bhubaneswar boasts a rich cultural heritage with over a thousand temples dating back to different historical periods. Beyond its spiritual allure, Bhubaneswar is also a city that embraces nature and modernity, offering a variety of attractions from botanical gardens and zoos to bustling malls and cultural venues. This two-day guide will take you through the city's most iconic landmarks, allowing you to experience its history, culture, and contemporary lifestyle.

Day 1


Begin your exploration of Bhubaneswar with a visit to the Lingaraj Temple. This 11th-century Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is an apt example of Kalinga architecture—marvel at its intricate carvings and towering spire. After soaking in the spiritual ambience, head to the Mukteshwar Temple, known for its beautiful archway and detailed carvings depicting Hindu mythology scenes. Next, visit the Rajarani Temple, often called the "love temple" due to the erotic carvings on its walls.


For lunch, savour authentic Odia cuisine at a local restaurant. Post-lunch, delve into the rich history of Odisha at the Odisha State Museum, where you'll find an impressive collection of ancient sculptures, coins, manuscripts, and more. Continue to the Tribal Museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives and cultures of Odisha's Indigenous tribes through its exhibits of traditional crafts, costumes, and artefacts.

Lingaraj Temple
Lingaraj TempleWikimedia Commons


As the day winds down, stroll through Ekamra Kanan, a botanical garden with a serene environment perfect for relaxation. If you're visiting in the right season, you might catch the park's famous rose garden in full bloom. End your day with a delightful dinner at a popular local eatery, perhaps sampling more regional delicacies like dalma or pakhala bhata.

Day 2


Start your second day with a visit to the Nandankanan Zoological Park. This renowned zoo and botanical garden is home to various wildlife, including the rare white tiger. You can enjoy a safari ride to see these majestic creatures up close. The park also has a beautiful lake where you can take a boat ride amidst lush greenery.


After a fun-filled morning, return to the city for lunch. In the afternoon, visit the Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, a complex of rock-cut shelters and caves with historical and religious significance. These caves, which date back to the 2nd century BCE, offer beautiful views of the city and are adorned with ancient inscriptions and carvings.

White tiger at Nandankanan Zoological Park
White tiger at Nandankanan Zoological ParkWikimedia Commons


Conclude your visit with an exploration of the modern side of Bhubaneswar. Spend the evening shopping and enjoying your time at the Esplanade One Mall. This modern shopping complex offers a variety of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities. Alternatively, if you prefer a more cultural experience, catch a classical dance or music performance at Rabindra Mandap, a premier cultural venue in the city. Finally, enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a fine dining restaurant.

Where To Stay

Luxury seekers can opt for high-end hotels like Mayfair Lagoon and Trident, offering premium amenities. Mid-range hotels such as Swosti Grand and Hotel Pal Heights provide comfortable accommodations. Budget travellers can choose from various affordable options including guesthouses and hotels like Hotel Excellency and Ginger Bhubaneswar.

Getting There

Biju Patnaik International Airport connects it to major cities. The city's railway station is a key hub on the East Coast Railway. National highways and state roads link Bhubaneswar to nearby regions, with regular bus services from major cities.

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