Offbeat Wonders: Lesser-Known Destinations Near Visakhapatnam

Discover the charm of hidden gems in and around Visakhapatnam, offering a unique and captivating experience away from the conventional tourist trail
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Famous for its pristine beaches and historical sites, Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is tucked away along the scenic coastline of the Bay of Bengal. From the serene Araku Valley with its lush coffee plantations to the mysterious Borra Caves and the unexplored beauty of Lambasingi, an array of offbeat destinations can be found in and around Visakhapatnam. These underrated locations guarantee an immersive and unique experience, providing a glimpse into the untamed beauty and cultural richness that define the area. Join us as we explore the offbeat wonders of Visakhapatnam and the surrounding region, a gold mine for travel enthusiasts looking to satisfy their wanderlust. 

1. Borra Caves 

Borra Caves
Borra CavesShutterstock

Borra Caves is one of the best places to visit on your way to Araku, although most travellers unknowingly skip this popular destination. Situated at an elevation of around 700 metres, these magnificent caves are located in the Ananthagiri hills in Araku Valley. The unique formations of stalactite and stalagmite in these caves are pretty well-known, along with its natural shiva-linga that never fails to amaze people. However, the best part about these caves is how colourfully illuminated they are throughout the day. 

Distance From Vizag: 45 kilometres

Travel Time: Around 1.5 hours

Best Time To Visit: August to February

2. Duduma Waterfalls

Duduma Waterfalls
Duduma WaterfallsShutterstock

This serene waterfall is situated on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. While the drive from Visakhapatnam can be quite exhausting, the walk to the waterfall's base can be even more taxing. However, as soon as you reach there, all of your fatigue disappears, leaving nothing but spectacular scenery behind. The best time to visit this waterfall is in the early morning when you see the water turn golden as the sun rises behind the waterfall.

Distance From Vizag: 177 kilometres

Travel Time: Around 5 hours 

Best Time To Visit: September to December

3. Lambasingi


Also referred to as Korra Bayalu, Lamabasingi is one of the most picturesque hill stations of Andhra Pradesh. It is located around 92 kilometres away from the Araku Valley. 

Nestled among captivating hills and dense forests, it is an ideal weekend escapade from Visakhapatnam. The tiny village is covered in a dreamy white mist that swirls with the wind all year round. Apart from its little apple and strawberry fields, Lambasingi is popular for its tea and coffee plantations. 

Distance From Vizag: 115 kilometres

Travel Time: Around 2 hours and 50 minutes

Best Time To Visit: October to March

4. Kondakarla Ava

Kondakarla Ava
Kondakarla AvaShutterstock

One of the top underrated and unexplored places to visit in Vizag, worthy of more recognition, is Kondakarla Ava Lake. A range of endangered plants and animals can be found at this beautiful lake and bird sanctuary. Coconut trees surround one side of the lake, while hills surround the other. Witnessing the sunrise from a boat ride over this beautiful lake makes for a peaceful and unforgettable experience. 

Distance From Vizag: 31kilometres 

Travel Time: Around 1 hour 

Best Time To Visit: January

5. Thanthadi Beach

Thanthadi Beach
Thanthadi BeachShutterstock

This hidden gem, sometimes referred to as the NTPC Beach due to its proximity to the NTPC Power Plant, does not witness a lot of tourist footfall. It is well known for its pristine natural beauty, including interesting rock formations and a lengthy shoreline of black sand beach. Even though there are other rocky beaches in India, what separates this beach from its other counterparts is it makes for an ideal place to go for quiet and romantic walks with your partner. 

Distance From Vizag: 32 kilometres

Travel Time: Around 1 hour 

Best Time To Visit: October to January

Getting There

Visakhapatnam can be reached via multiple modes of transportation. The city is accessible through Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ), with domestic flights connecting major cities. The city is well-connected by railways,, with Visakhapatnam Junction being a major South Coast Railway network station. Several express and superfast trains operate to and from here. An extensive road network also links Vizag to neighbouring cities and states through national highways. Buses, both state-run and private, ply regularly to and from Visakhapatnam.

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