Top 8 Offbeat Places To Visit In Kashmir

For travellers, the lesser-known places in Kashmir hold the real magic that makes sightseeing more engaging
 Kashmir is home to many undiscovered locations that offer breathtaking views. Photo Credit Shutterstock
Kashmir is home to many undiscovered locations that offer breathtaking views. Photo Credit Shutterstock

Many undiscovered locations, nestled in the picturesque region of Kashmir offer breathtaking views and various activities for those seeking solitude in nature. Whether hiking through untamed wilderness, camping under starlit skies, or immersing in the rich cultural heritage, Kashmir promises an unparalleled escape. Let us guide you through this remarkable journey, where nature's wonders and unforgettable memories await.


Bani is located along the river Sewa and experiences temperate and cold climates. It is also the base camp for Bhaderwah, Chamba, and more trekkers. Bani is marked by waterfalls, thick forests, gushing streams and meadows. Banjal, Chandel, and Bhoond are other famous tourist spots. The easiest way to reach Bani is to take a train to Kathua and then hail a cab to complete the four-hour journey to this tranquil heaven.


Jasrota Fort
Jasrota FortWikimedia Commons

Jasrota was founded by Raj Jas Dev of Jammu in 1019 AD and passed on to his uncle, Raja Karan Dev. The rulers of Jasrota, though, were Jamwals but were called Jasrotias. Jasrota is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kashmir if you want to immerse yourself in one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences. The River Ujh flanks the Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir, and its greatest attraction is the Chital or Axis deer. The animals that can be seen here include a large variety of mammals. Among them are the barking deer, wild boar, and the rhesus monkey. Bird lovers are sure to thoroughly enjoy a visit to the Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit for those more interested in the winged creatures is March to May. The best time to view mammals is from September to March. The nearest airport to Jasrota is Jammu Airport, 100 km away, while the nearest station is located 15 km away in Kathua.

Devi Pindi  

Devi Pindi is an ancient Hindu temple near Panthal, Katra Tehsil of Reasi District. It is about 9 km from the Katra town base camp of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine and 39 km from district headquarters Reasi. Devi Pindi is also believed to be the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. The trek to Devi Pindi is a famous trekking route among adventure lovers, with a distance of about 13 km. This is an offbeat trek, with nomads in the forests helping the trekkers and guiding them. The path is rich in flora and fauna. A river runs beside it, and you can have a bath there. The last destination of the trek is the temple of Mata Durga at Devi Pindi. The trekkers can also camp at the destinations, and it is a great camping site. You can also visit the Deva Mayi, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Aghar Jitto, Baba Dancer, Nau Deviyan, and Baradari.

The easiest way to reach this shrine is to hail a car from Jammu city, which is located only 40 km away.


Budhal is a beautiful valley between the main Pir Panjal range of mountains. The area's geography comprises attractive snowy peaks, thick forests, streams, lakes, meadows and pastures. This town serves as a base camp for the long and arduous journey to Arnas and Sedhue for trekkers and nomads. This spot remains a unique attraction for those who intend to trek through this way to the Kashmir valley. The place is famous for its meadows, springs, mountains, lakes, forests, trout fishing, and the Nanga Thub Eco-Tourism Spot. The journey from Kathua to Budhal is around eight hours by road and is the most convenient way of getting there.


Darhal Malkan, a beautiful valley, is about 23 km north of Rajouri, Kashmir. Surrounded by gently sloping mountains on its three sides, this bowl-shaped valley looks like a naturally carved stadium. Darhal is famous for its pottery and wood carving. The other places of interest are Abdullah Waterfall, Daryar Mata, Ziarat Baba Jamaidar Topa, Rahote Ziarat, Noon Pal, Chitti Batti Ziarat, Budhkhanari, Darhal, Shakkarmarg, Sarota, and the Seven Lakes.


KotrankaUzma Maqsood Hello on

Kotranka, at a distance of 40 km from Rajouri, is an attractive tourist spot on the right bank of river Ans. During summer, this spot affords a great attraction to nature lovers and tourists. This is a picturesque, charming, peaceful spot to visit in the summer heat. To add to the beauty of Ans River, plants of Salix or Weeping Willow (commonly known as "Beesa") dot the landscape. The other places of tourist attractions are Khandli Mata, Ziarat Sain Mundrian, Patli Qila, Eco-Tourism Park, and Matha Teeka.


Nowshera is a small town located on the banks of the Manawer River, just 4 km inwards from the Manawer bridge on the Jammu-Poonch national highway. It is a beautiful place with some tourist attractions, including the fort of Mangla Devi, the holy cave temple of Mangla Mata, and Central Gurudwara of Sikhs in Nonial and Qila Darhal. Tourists must visit the village to explore milk production as it is the feeding place for the whole district.


It is a small village in a narrow valley enclosed by steep and grassy hills near the confluence of two streams, Gagri and Pulsta. Mandir Swami Budha Amar Nath Ji is situated in this village. It is located 25 km from Poonch and on the bank of Pulsta Nandi stream at Mandi Tehsil and has great potential for spiritual tourism. This is a very ancient Shiva Temple with a lingam made of white stone. It is Shiva devotees' most popular pilgrim destination, next to the Holy Cave of Amarnath in Kashmir Valley.

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