Offbeat Hill Stations To Visit In Uttarakhand This Summer

Pack your bags, escape the summer heat, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Uttarakhand's offbeat hill stations
Offbeat hill stations in Uttarakhand
Offbeat hill stations in UttarakhandShutterstock

Uttarakhand is a treasure trove of picturesque hill stations that offer respite from the scorching summer heat. While popular destinations like Nainital, Mussoorie, and Ranikhet are well-known, several offbeat hill stations in Uttarakhand promise solitude. If you're seeking a unique summer retreat, consider exploring these hidden gems:


Tucked away in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and green valleys, this quaint hill station offers beautiful views of Panchachuli, a group of five Himalayan peaks. Visitors can indulge in trekking expeditions to nearby glaciers, birdwatching in the forests, or unwind amidst the serene surroundings

Tungnath temple, Chopta
Tungnath temple, Choptamrinalpal / Shutterstock


Chopta is adorned with rhododendron forests, alpine meadows, and panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. Chopta serves as the base camp for the trek to Tungnath, one of the highest Shiva temples in the world, making it a popular destination for spiritual seekers and adventure enthusiasts.


Perched atop a ridge amidst dense pine forests, Kausani is renowned for its spellbinding sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayan peaks. Mahatma Gandhi famously described Kausani as the 'Switzerland of India' during his visit in 1929, captivated by its natural beauty. Visitors can explore nearby tea estates and visit the Anasakti Ashram, where Gandhi stayed


Situated amidst the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Binsar is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including leopard, deer, langur, and numerous bird species. Visitors can embark on nature walks through the dense forests, soak in views of the Himalayas from the Zero Point viewpoint, or enjoy a peaceful retreat amid nature.



Tucked away in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Chakrata is a secluded hill station blessed with natural beauty. Surrounded by dense forests, gushing waterfalls, and rivers, Chakrata offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can explore ancient temples and indulge in adventure activities like rappelling and rock climbing here.


The hill station is surrounded by snow-clad peaks, lush valleys, and rivers, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts. Visitors can explore ancient temples, visit the Pithoragarh Fort or embark on treks to nearby villages and viewpoints.


Tucked away in the Garhwal region, Lansdowne is a serene hill station known for its colonial charm. Established by the British in 1887, Lansdowne is dotted with colonial-era buildings and churches. Visitors can explore the War Memorial and Regimental Museum or enjoy nature walks and birdwatching in the nearby forests.

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Away from the tourist crowds, Mukteshwar offers a tranquil retreat amidst pine-scented forests and apple orchards. Visitors can trek to the famous Mukteshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva or explore the lush landscapes of Chauli Ki Jali. It is also a popular spot for adventure activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and paragliding, offering an adrenaline-pumping experience amidst nature's bounty.


Tucked away in the Nainital district, Pangot is a hidden gem known for its rich biodiversity. Surrounded by dense oak and rhododendron forests, Pangot is a paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The area is home to over 250 bird species, including the rare Himalayan griffon, lammergeier, and koklass pheasant. Visitors can embark on birdwatching trails through the forests and explore nearby trekking routes. It also serves as a base camp for treks to nearby peaks like Naina Peak and Kilbury.

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