Monsoon Musings All About The Reverse Waterfall In Naneghat, Maharashtra

You may have seen many waterfalls, but nothing quite like this one. Located just 150 km from Mumbai, the reverse falls in Naneghat will mesmerise you as it literally goes against the current to paint a breathtaking vista
Nanacha Angtha at Naneghat in Maharashtra
Nanacha Angtha at Naneghat in Maharashtra

If you don't believe in magic, the mesmerising view painted by the Naneghat waterfalls during monsoon will convert you. How The waterfall doesn't take the term too seriously, for instead of a gushing downpour, the water turns around to make its way up. While the phenomenon is otherworldly and has you in disbelief, a solid reason backs its occurrence. The equal and opposing gravity's force and wind's pull keep the stream from hitting the ground. Since the airflow is heavy in the other direction, the rising wind sweeps up the stream in the opposite direction, creating a natural marvel and earning it the fame of being hailed as a spectacular waterfall in India. 

Route To History 

Located in Naneghat, Maharashtra, the spot has captured the intrigue of many travellers who make their way here for a weekend getaway. While the destination is undoubtedly charming and a perfect reason to hit the road, the journey through the rolling Western Ghats till here will stump you with its beauty. However, there's much else to do besides catching the reverse falls' magic. If you count trekking among one of your passions, it is just the right place to be, as the trekking trail leading to the falls boasts historical significance. It is believed that during Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's reign, the trail running through the Ghatghar forest also served as a preferred trading route. Due to its historical importance, you can still stumble upon many hidden ancient rock-cut caves. One popular cave bound to fall on your way is the Satvahana Caves, built by Devi Naganika. While several versions cloud the objective behind its origin, it's assumed to have been a resting place for traders as the stone seats remain intact. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

The trek is laden with beauty all around. However, while the path may not be considered difficult for seasoned trekkers, it is a few notches above an easy trek. Even though the route has been marked for ease, the path is mainly rocky and requires strength to navigate. It roughly takes three hours upwards and two hours downwards. Since chances are that you will be taking on this adventure during the monsoon season to witness the breathtaking beauty, it is far more essential to keep safety in mind and carry the required gear. If the thrilling trail keeps you wanting more, you can also explore many other trails around, such as the Malshej Ghat trek (4 km away) or the Bhairavgad trek (5 km away).  

How To Reach

Naneghat is located 150 km from Mumbai and 150 km from Pune. From there, hail a bus to Junnar, and head to Vaishakhare village in a private cab. If you wish to embark on the trek, the village is the base. However, you can also reach the Naneghat reverse falls by car. 

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