Hidden Gem: Mulki's Many Wonders

Level up your summer vacation game with these top 5 must-try experiences in Karnataka's Mulki
Enjoy kayaking amidst the serene ambience of Mulki
Enjoy kayaking amidst the serene ambience of Mulkiaquaticindicasurfschool/Instagram

Summer is here, and as we gear up for what promises to be a scorcher of a season, there's one thing on everyone's mind – a refreshing dip in the beach! And there's no better sanctuary than escaping the heatwaves and immersing yourself in the tranquil shores of Mulki, a coastal paradise that's a must on every beach lover's bucket list.

Perched gracefully along the sun-kissed shores of Karnataka's coastline and the meandering Shambavi river, Mulki is a picturesque paradise brimming with coastal charm and cultural richness perfect for seeking solace, adventure and serenity. Mulki not only beckons travellers with its pristine beaches but also a quaint little town with picture-perfect landscapes, postcard-worthy scenes and one of Karnataka's cool spots that ignite your spirit of adventure with water sports activities. This little paradise is strategically positioned between the bustling cityscape of Mangaluru and the spiritual allure of Udupi.

Situated just 30 km from Mangalore and approximately 35 km from Udupi, Mulki is a convenient midpoint between these two renowned destinations, offering travellers easy access to the region's cultural, culinary and other natural attractions.

So, this summer, escape the hustle and bustle of city life and head to Mulki. But before you get your itinerary started, check out these top 5 must-try experiences worth ticking off your bucket list.

Surfing At The Sasihithlu Beach

How about a beach party? Surfing at Mulki will always top the list of must-do activities because the waves here are as inviting as the smiles of the locals, and the vibe is as chill as the sea breeze. With its medium tides and consistent waves, Mulki sets the stage for perfect surfing conditions for both seasoned pros and first-time surfers.

Surfing at Mulki will always top the list of must-do activities
Surfing at Mulki will always top the list of must-do activitiesaquaticindicasurfschool/Instagram

Picture this: You're standing on the shores of the golden sand beach with a board in your hand and the desire to conquer the waves, the sound of the crashing waves, and the smell of the salty sea air. Now you wade into the ocean with your board, spot that wave coming, and when you ride it, sometimes you succeed; sometimes, the sea smashes you back and knocks every bit of ego out of you. After all the tossing and tumbling, the magic happens when you surrender to the ocean! Home to India's first surf school, Mulki has expert instructors and quality equipment. With a laid-back vibe, Mulki is the ultimate playground for aspiring wave riders.

Kayaking & Other Aquatic Escapades

Mulki boasts the best spot for kayaking, where the gentle waters of the Shambavi River and the Nandini River offer endless adventures for kayak enthusiasts. As you dip your paddle into the serene water and navigate further down the river, the swaying palm trees and the lush mangroves create a picturesque backdrop to your kayaking experience. This thrilling adventure will push your muscles to the limit. Still, amidst the challenge, there's a sense of wholesomeness as you quietly paddle through the untouched mangroves, catch the sights of the fish jumping, birds chirping gracefully, and the occasional jellyfish gliding gracefully beneath your kayak. Even after all the physical exertion, the joy of the experience lingers on, leaving you with memories to cherish forever.

Do also kayak during the sunset and witness the Shambavi River becoming even more enchanting with the cast of golden hue on the tranquil waters, making every bit of Mulki an unforgettable experience. But that's not all Mulki has to offer. Dive into a world of water escapades with a stand-up paddle (SUP), where you can stand on your board and leisurely cruise along the river, soaking in the scenic beauty all around. Whatever your aquatic fancy is, Mulki is the perfect destination for a delightful day of water-filled adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities.

Shambhavi River
Shambhavi RiverShutterstock

Night Kayaking and Bio-Luminescence

Nature never ceases to amaze, especially when it unveils one of its most fantastical capabilities: bioluminescence, which is quite evident in Mulki.

For travellers seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure, night kayaking in the Shambavi River and experiencing bioluminescence are absolute musts. As you paddle through the darkness, experience the night unveiling itself to a world of shimmering magic on the river surface. This unique experience not only offers a chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of bioluminescence but also provides an opportunity to connect with the nocturnal river ecosystem. The gentle lapping of water against your kayak, the chorus of the nocturnal creatures and the soft blue glow, sometimes greenish blue, of the bioluminescence all combine to create a magical experience. While this natural phenomenon does not happen in Mulki regularly, March and April are the best months to experience this nighttime marvel.

Soak Yourself In The Spiritual Splendour

Mulki offers more than just waves. A visit to the Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari temple, a temple that's an epitome of religious harmony, is a must. Legends have it that Bappa Beary, a Muslim merchant, constructed the famous temple. While crossing the Shambavi River, the merchant's boat hit an obstacle and stopped. He found blood gushing out of a stone and got scared. As he started praying, Bappa heard the divine voice of the goddess asking him to construct a temple there, and that's how this beautiful Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari temple was constructed. In honour of Bappa, the temple got its name as Bappanadu, and even now, Bappa's family is the first to receive the temple prasadam. You can also experience the famous Bappanadu Dollu and the annual chariot festival, which is beautiful.

There are temples like Sri Venkataramana temple and more. So, after a thrilling day of water sports and soaking in the sun, soak yourselves in Mulki's spiritual splendour as well.

Coastal Cuisine Exploration

Mulki is known for its seafood and coastal Karnataka specialities
Mulki is known for its seafood and coastal Karnataka specialitiesShutterstock

Mulki is blessed with an incredible seafood scene, particularly known for its coastal Karnataka specialities. Amidst all your nature walks, cycling through the serene roads, surfing and indulging in other water activities, fueling your tastebuds to a culinary adventure with the freshest catches of the day is essential. Experience the fresh catches transformed into delectable dishes like Prawns Ghee Roast, Crab Fry, Fish Fry, Prawn Masala and more. Other coastal Karnataka delights include Neer Dosa, Chicken Ghee Roast, Mangalore Buns, Goli Baje, Kori Roti, Chicken Gassi and Kotte Kadubu (a steamed rice cake wrapped in fragrant jackfruit leaves) and more.

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