Do You Know About The Kulasekarapattinam Dasara In Tamil Nadu?

This 10-day celebration takes place in October every year and is a must-see for travellers
The celebrations are colourful and lively and held in Kulasekarapattinam village in Tamil Nadu
The celebrations are colourful and lively and held in Kulasekarapattinam village in Tamil NaduShutterstock

In the village of Kulasekarapattinam, in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu, the festival of Dasara is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show, marking the triumph of good over evil. If you are planning an immersive travel itinerary, consider including Kulasekarapattinam in your list for a complete cultural experience. 

The Festival

A treat for the eyes due to its many ritualistic traditions and vivid costumes, the Dasara celebrations in Kulasekarapattinam attract visitors from all over. This lavish festival is celebrated between September and October. The village of Kulasekarapattinam turns into a kaleidoscope of colours every year, with lakhs of devotees coming to visit the Arulmigu Mutharamman Devi Temple, dressed up in striking, multihued costumes. 

Devotees dress up as Gods and Goddesses and collect alms
Devotees dress up as Gods and Goddesses and collect almsShutterstock

The festival of Dasara culminates in a grand finale marking the triumph of good over evil with the Goddess slaying the demon King Mahishan. On the day of Vijayadasami, the Goddess slays the demon King, which marks the grand celebrations on the seashore of Kulasai. Along with elaborate rituals and great joy, the day ends with everyone taking a sacred dip in the water while costumed as the Goddess and dancing to musical instruments.

Celebrating the Goddess

The  Arulmigu Mutharamman Devi temple in itself has a storied history; built during the reign of King Maravarman Kulasekaran, it is a 300-year-old structure.

The temple's main deity, Goddess Mutharamman, is believed to be looking over the village and guarding the residents from harm. The deity is taken on various vehicles, also known as vahanams and a procession is taken out each day of the festival. 

Visual Treat for Travellers

A devotee dressed as Goddess Durga
A devotee dressed as Goddess Durga Shutterstock

For photographers and filmmakers, this festival is a paradise with its varied hues and vibrant ambience. Devotees and participants dress up in costumes portraying various celestial deities, such as the Goddess Kali. People also dress up as Kings, monkeys, and gypsies. These decked-up devotees, often wearing body paint and bold makeup, act as though they are possessed by the divine powers of the cosmic deity they are portraying. They also make predictions for devotees and worshippers and collect alms in accordance with an ancient custom. These donations are then offered to Goddess Mutharamman.

People who participate in the festivities often indulge in "viradham" or fasting before the festival. With lakhs of devotees thronging the village of Kulasekarapattinam every year, the Dasara celebrations are not to be missed. Take your family and friends to experience a truly unique and striking cultural revelry. 

Know Before You Go

The festival is commonly observed in October, so it's recommended to plan your travel accordingly. This year, the festivities occurred from October 5th to October 22nd.

Address: Arulmigu Mutharamman Thirukovil, Thoothukudi- 628206

Entry: Free

Getting there: Thoothukudi Domestic Airport is 51 km away and is the nearest. Tiruchendur is the nearest railhead, 12 km away. 

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