All About Guwahati — 'The Gateway Of Northeast India'

Embark on a journey to the gateway of Northeast India, Guwahati, where the mighty Brahmaputra River embraces a city steeped in history and spirituality
Sarania Hills, Guwahati
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Nestled on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Guwahati stands as the bustling gateway to the beautiful landscapes of Northeast India. Known for its ancient temples, markets, and the serene flow of the Brahmaputra, the city offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. As the largest city in Assam, Guwahati serves as the perfect introduction to the diverse cultural and natural wonders that define the northeastern region of India.


Guwahati's history unfolds like the pages of an ancient manuscript, revealing its significance as a centre of trade and cultural exchange. From the days of the Ahom Kingdom to the British colonial era, the city has witnessed the ebb and flow of various civilisations. The Kamakhya Temple, an ancient seat of Shakti worship, is a testament to the city's spiritual heritage. Guwahati's role in Assam's tea trade and its strategic location on the Brahmaputra have shaped its identity, making it a melting pot of traditions and a vital hub for exploring the Northeast.


Kamakhya Temple: Perched atop Nilachal Hill, Kamakhya Temple symbolises Assamese spirituality. Dedicated to the goddess Kamakhya, it attracts pilgrims from far and wide. The temple's unique architecture and annual Ambubachi Mela make it a focal point of cultural and religious fervour.

Kamakhya Temple
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Umananda Temple: Located on Peacock Island in the Brahmaputra, Umananda Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Accessible by boat, the temple offers panoramic views of Guwahati. The stone engravings and the annual Shivaratri celebrations add to its historical significance.

Assam State Museum: Explore Assam's rich history and art at the State Museum. The museum provides a comprehensive journey through the state's cultural evolution, from archaeological artefacts to traditional textiles.


Popular Restaurants:

Paradise Restaurant: Known for its Assamese thalis, it offers a culinary journey through Assamese cuisine. From traditional rice-based dishes to flavourful curries, the menu showcases the diverse flavours of the region.

Khorikaa: A popular spot for Assamese barbecue, Khorikaa serves grilled meats and local delicacies.

Gam's Delicacy: Specialising in Assamese seafood, Gam's Delicacy is a haven for seafood lovers. The menu features a variety of fish, crab, and prawn dishes prepared with authentic Assamese spices.

Naga Kitchen: Experience the flavours of Northeast India at Naga Kitchen, which offers a mix of Naga, Assamese, and other northeastern cuisines. The restaurant's diverse menu includes bamboo shoot curries, smoked pork, and indigenous herbs.

Heritage Khorika: A restaurant focusing on traditional Assamese cuisine, Heritage Khorika serves dishes cooked on an open flame. 

An Assameses thali
An Assameses thaliShutterstock

Popular Street Food Joints:

  1. Fancy Bazaar: From local snacks like Pani Puri and Jhal Muri to Assamese sweets, Fancy Bazaar offers a delightful street food experience.

  2. Kamakhya Gate: The area around Kamakhya Temple is dotted with street food stalls offering snacks like Samosas, Aloo Tikki, and local sweets. The vibrant atmosphere adds to the joy of street food exploration.

  3. Paltan Bazaar: A famous market in the heart of Guwahati, Paltan Bazaar is known for its street food stalls serving Assamese and North Indian snacks. Chaats, Pakoras, and Lassi are among the favorites here.

  4. Pan Bazaar: This area is famous for its street-side vendors offering local favourites like momos, egg rolls, and chowmein. The proximity to the Brahmaputra River adds a scenic backdrop to street food indulgence.

  5. Bharalumukh: Along the riverfront, Bharalumukh is a hub for street food enthusiasts. The vendors here cater to various tastes, from Assamese sweets to spicy snacks.

A market selling souvenirs in Assam
A market selling souvenirs in AssamShutterstock


  1. Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra: Named after the saint-scholar Srimanta Sankaradeva, this cultural complex showcases Assamese art, dance, and theatre. The Kalakshetra hosts regular performances, art exhibitions, and workshops, promoting the cultural vibrancy of Assam.

  2. Assamese Silk Weaving Centers: Explore the art of Muga and Eri silk weaving, which is integral to Assamese culture. Visit weaving centres in Guwahati to witness skilled artisans creating intricate traditional designs on handlooms.

  3. Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio: For film enthusiasts, Jyoti Chitraban is a film studio that contributes to the Assamese film industry. The studio occasionally hosts screenings, showcasing regional cinema and fostering artistic expression.


  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise: Embark on a leisurely cruise on the Brahmaputra River. Enjoy the serene landscapes, spot river dolphins, and witness the sun setting behind the hills. 

  2. Kaziranga National Park Day Trip: Guwahati's proximity to Kaziranga National Park allows a day trip to witness the incredible biodiversity, including the one-horned rhinoceros. Jeep safaris offer a chance to explore the park's wildlife and landscapes.

  3. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: Known for its high one-horned rhinoceros population, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a short drive from Guwahati. 


  1. Pan Bazaar: A bustling market, Pan Bazaar is famous for its diverse shopping options. From traditional Assamese silk garments to handicrafts and artefacts, the market offers a range of souvenirs.

  2. Fancy Bazaar: Known as the commercial hub of Guwahati, explore Fancy Bazaar for Assamese jewellery, traditional clothing, and local handicrafts.

  3. Paltan Bazaar: This market is a blend of traditional and modern shopping. Visitors can find Assamese tea, bamboo products, and indigenous handicrafts, making it an ideal place for souvenir hunting.


  1. Brahmaputra River Beaches: The riverfront areas like Sukreswar Ghat and Umananda Ghat offer serene spots along the Brahmaputra. Enjoy a peaceful evening by the riverside, witnessing the sunset over the water.

  2. Dighalipukhuri: This ancient man-made lake provides an escape in the city's heart. Boating facilities allow visitors to explore the lake's surroundings.

  3. Nehru Park: Nestled on the banks of the Brahmaputra, Nehru Park offers a peaceful environment for walks, picnics, and enjoying views of the river.


  1. Balaji Temple Yoga and Meditation: The Balaji Temple on the hills overlooking Guwahati provides a serene setting for yoga and meditation. The peaceful ambience and panoramic views create an ideal space for spiritual practices.

  2. Ayurvedic Wellness Centers: Explore Ayurvedic wellness centres in Guwahati that offer traditional therapies and massages. These centres often incorporate local herbs and medicinal plants for holistic well-being.

  3. Assam Ayurvedic College and Hospital: Learn about traditional Ayurvedic practices at the Assam Ayurvedic College and Hospital. The institution occasionally conducts workshops and wellness programs for those interested in natural healing methods.


  1. Bihu Dance Performances: Experience the energetic Bihu dance, an integral part of Assamese culture. Various cultural events and festivals feature Bihu dance performances, showcasing Assam's lively and colourful traditions.

  2. Guwahati International Film Festival: Film enthusiasts can attend the Guwahati International Film Festival, bringing regional and international cinema together. The festival provides a platform for independent filmmakers and promotes cinematic diversity.

  3. Festivals On the Brahmaputra: Guwahati hosts festivals on the Brahmaputra River, featuring cultural performances, music, and traditional boat races. These events celebrate the region's rich heritage and create a festive atmosphere along the riverbanks.

Bihu dancers posing for a photo
Bihu dancers posing for a photoSimanta Talukdar / Shutterstock



  1. Vivanta Guwahati: Set amidst lush greenery, Vivanta Guwahati offers luxurious rooms and modern amenities. The hotel's tranquil surroundings provide a serene retreat within the city.

  2. Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati: Overlooking the Brahmaputra, Radisson Blu Hotel offers a blend of elegance and comfort. The hotel's river view rooms and upscale facilities make it an ideal choice for a luxurious stay.


  1. Hotel Rajmahal: Located in the city's heart, Hotel Rajmahal provides budget-friendly accommodation with comfortable rooms. Its central location allows easy access to Guwahati's attractions.

  2. Hotel Nandan: A budget hotel focusing on simplicity and convenience, Hotel Nandan offers affordable rooms for travellers seeking a comfortable stay.


  1. Saikia Nest Homestay:  Saikia Nest in Guwahati is a homestay providing accommodation with a garden and shared lounge, ideal for all age groups.

  2. Brahmaputra Homestay: Located near the BrHomestaya River, Brahmaputra Homestay offers a riverside experience with a homely atmosphere. Guests can enjoy traditional Assamese meals and homestay interactions.


  1. Brahmaputra Jungle Resort: Embrace sustainable living at the Brahmaputra Jungle Resort. Surrounded by nature, the resort focuses on eco-friendly practices, offering a green escape within the city.

  2. Bamboo Cottage: Providing an eco-conscious stay, it incorporates sustainable materials in its construction. The cottages offer a unique blend of comfort and environmental responsibility.

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