6 Unique And Fun Weekend Activities To Try In Delhi

Meeting up with friends? Instead of just catching up over a meal, why not create an artwork, or learn a skill together? We’ve highlighted a few interesting activities for you to try
The art therapy session is all set up at Red, Vasant Vihar.
The art therapy session is all set up at Red, Vasant Vihar.TTI Luxe

When was the last time you learnt something new? Or created something from scratch? As we grow we tend to find our comfort zones and stick to them. The hiccup is we are too afraid to venture outside. Chances are you might discover a new passion or enhance your knowledge of a pre-existing one. We’ve narrowed down a list of things you could try from coffee-tasting to building an ecosystem. Who knows what you might learn or who you could meet?

Build a Terrarium

Sip on some tea amidst greenery at Planterie in Aurobindo Market and learn how to create a terrarium (a small enclosed garden, or container that replicates a miniature ecosystem) under the expert guidance of Farial Sabrina. She helps people connect with greenery and will help you visualise a memory that you wish to recreate. Building a terrarium is an incredibly mindful and meditative activity and the best part is you get to take a self- sustaining piece home with you. Your little ones (3-10 years) can take part in a gardening workshop where they can paint their terracotta pot and learn about plants; while older kids (10+) can build their own terrariums in the beginner’s workshop. 75 Aurobindo Place Market; 95990-01975; planterie.in; every Sunday; Rs 2,000 per person, duration: 1 hour; prior reservations required.

Paint a picture

The Palette Cafe in Dhan Mill is a unique art venue, where while you sip your coffee or dine on delicious food, you can create your own masterpieces. For a minimum fee they provide you with a canvas, paints and brushes so you can get creative. And, don’t worry if you’re a novice, they have some lovely colouring sheets and origami options too, guaranteeing that your creative juices will most definitely flow. This is wonderful spot to hang out in with friends, your date or kids. They do not provide instructions so you’re free to create what you wish, but if you wish for more direction you can inquire with them about their workshops and creative events.  287 Dhan Mill, 100 Feet Road, Chhatarpur Hills; 79825-63293.

Treat yourself to art therapy

Curious about art and its therapeutic properties? Red in Vasant Vihar frequently hosts events with TTI Luxe. Book your slots for Art Experiment—A Creative Journey into the Mind & Soul. The workshop hosted by Deepali Mathur and Disha Gaur combines art and psychology and aims to help you gains insights into your emotions and provides direction for personal growth. They use art exercises, colour games, and therapies for a transformative experience. 24 Community Centre, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar; 8527274562; Rs 2,500 including food and drinks; prior booking required; for event information check www.instagram.com/tti_luxury/

Workshop in progress at Red.
Workshop in progress at Red.TTI Luxe

Become a coffee connoisseur

Whether you pride yourself on your knowledge of brews or are a coffee novice we recommend you try the Treasure from the Estates, a coffee brewing and tasting experience being held at Fort City Brewing in Hauz Khas organised by Trove Experiences. This unique coffee appreciation experience will have you delving into the world of premium estate coffees. Expect to learn about brewing (AeroPress, French Press and Pour Over) and tasting single–origin and cold brews. Fort City Brewing, E 17 Hauz Khas Market; Rs 2,200; prior booking required; for event information visit troveexperiences.com.

Coffee-tasting session in progress
Coffee-tasting session in progressTrove Experiences

Make some chocolate

Always wanted to see how chocolate is made? Visit Colocal in Dhan Mill, sample a delicious meal and hot chocolate and then embark on a tour of their chocolate factory that is free of cost and requires no prior bookings. The small batches are made from hand-harvested cacao from farms in Idduki, Kerala. The hour-long tour includes a visual experience where you can watch the step-by-step process. You can also opt for a chocolate making workshop that will allow you to create your own confections. Shed no. 21 B, Dhan Mill, 100 Feet Road, Chhatarpur; 9310524620; Rs 1,000 per person; prior booking required for workshops.

Make your own chocolate at Colocal
Make your own chocolate at ColocalColocal

Create your own perfume

Always wanted to have your own signature scent? Pallavi Bhatia from Olfa Olfactive will be leading the Oasis of Scent, an artisanal perfume making journey where you will learn to develop your sense of smell and understand the nuances of perfumery. Curated by Trove Experiences you will get a chance to navigate through various fragrance notes, and formulate your own customised bottle of perfume to take home. Andaz Delhi, Aerocity; Rs 3,000; prior booking required; for event information visit troveexperiences.com.

Creating your own scent.
Creating your own scent.Trove Experiences

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