4 Must Visit Offbeat Places In Tamil Nadu

If you are planning a getaway to a lesser-known destination, bookmark these must-visit offbeat places in Tamil Nadu
Day time in Vattakanal, Tamil Nadu
Day time in Vattakanal, Tamil NaduShutterstock

Tamil Nadu unveils a realm of offbeat destinations that beckon the intrepid traveler. Escape the ordinary and discover the serene charm of Jawadhu Hills, where nature's tranquility reigns. From the scenic trails of Jawadhu Hills to Vattakanal's Israeli tourists, Tamil Nadu boasts several lesser-known destinations that offer a refreshing glimpse into the state's hidden wonders. Here are the 4 must-visit offbeat places you should explore on your next trip to the state.


Vattakanal, often called Vatta, is a quaint town near Kodaikanal. It's renowned as the 'Little Israel of India' due to its popularity among Israeli tourists. Situated about 6 kilometres from Kodaikanal, travellers frequently hitchhike or walk there. Tourists come here for its popular attractions like Dolphin's Nose and Pine Tree Forest. For a relaxed experience, visit Altaf's, a spot known for authentic tahini, falafel, and excellent ginger lemon tea. Alternatively, you can find a corner at Manna's Café to read. If you're not into travelling and sightseeing, you can join yoga and meditation classes offered by locals or foreigners who have made this place their home. 


The vintage colonial architecture of the Governor's bungalow in Tharangambadi
The vintage colonial architecture of the Governor's bungalow in Tharangambadi balajisrinivasan / Shutterstock.com

This town in Tamil Nadu was once a Danish colony, later acquired by the British. Begin your visit with Dansborg Fort, housing a small museum. Explore Zion Church and New Jerusalem Church, both popular attractions. Visit the Old Danish Cemetery and the 700-year-old Sri Masilamani Nathar Temple, showcasing a unique blend of Chinese and Hindu architecture. Another must-visit destination is the Ziegenbalg Museum Complex, known for hosting India's first printing press, which produced new Tamil testaments in 1714.

Jawadhu Hills

An extension of the Eastern Ghats, Jawadhu Hills cover areas of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts in northern Tamil Nadu. The landscape features bluish-grey granites and peaks around 3,600–3,800 feet high. The hills are thinly populated, mainly by Malayali tribes.

You can explore uncharted paths by trekking through Amrithi forests or head to Yelagiri village for orchards and rose gardens. Relax at Beemanmadavu Waterfalls or enjoy boating and picnics at Kommutteri Lake, the largest in the area with an artificial island. Don't miss the Kavalur Observatory, home to the Vainu Bappu Telescope, allowing you to explore the skies.


Yelagiri Hills are known as a haven of nature and spirituality. Swami Malai Hills, the highest point in Yelagiri, is a must-see for nature enthusiasts. Enjoy boat rides on Nilavoor Lake or Punganoor Lake, and witness sunsets at Forest Hills. Explore Fundera Park for its exotic birds. Near Punganoor Lake, there's a children's park and a Herbal Farm maintained by the Forest Department, featuring rare herbs used in Siddha and Ayurvedic treatments. Temples like Jalagandeeswarar Temple, Moksha Vimochana will interest those seeking spiritual solace.

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