Solar Storm 2024: Pictures From Around The World

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Solar Storm 2024

A solar storm is a burst of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun's atmosphere. They happen in active regions and can be accompanied by other solar events. In the last couple of days a solar storm created stunning aurora lights and northern lights in various parts across the earth.

The Northern Lights as seen above Old Harry's Rocks, England | @gazmon1980/x


The recent storm caused a pink hue in the skies, including in the remote village of Hanle, India. Strong solar magnetic storms led to a rare stable auroral red arc event in parts of Ladakh, lighting up the dark sky with a crimson glow.

A view of the sky of Hanle, Ladakh | @NewsIADN/x

United States

The solar storm caused prominent lights of Aurora Borealis in San Francisco. The residents of Bay Area near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge were able to catch the cosmic event in full glory.

The lights of aurora borealis as seen above the Golden Gate Bridge | elliotmcgucken/instagram


People across all parts of the UK have been able to see the Northern Lights during the past weekend. This is the light as seen from a hamlet in Southern England.

The Northern Lights as seen in South England | fbimages/instagram


This picture shows northern lights over the mountain at Utakleiv in Lofoten Islands. The spectacle was predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as the most powerful since 2003.

The Northern Lights as seen above the Lofoten Islands, Norway | riyets/instagram


The cosmic spectacle that left people speechless and with a lifetime of memory was typically observed between 10 pm and 2 am. Here, the lights are seen above Tampere, Finland.

The Northern Lights over Finland | @AustinMacD97/x

New Zealand

Along with other countries, the sky in New Zealand was lit up. Across the country, Transpower extended an emergency notice over solar storm activity which could interfere with electricity supply.

The Northern Lights as seen in the skies of New Zealand | @Wh_So_Serious/x


Solar storm can hurl high-energy solar particles toward Earth that interact with our magnetic field to create the northern and southern lights. Here, the pink sky caused by the storm is seen in Germany.

The impact of solar storm seen in the skies of Germany | @SantiContreras/x

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