Solar Eclipse 2024: Best Photos From Around The World

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Solar Eclipse 2024

The total solar eclipse on April 8 was visible across North America, stretching from Mexico to Canada. This event occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily blocking the sunlight. Here are some of the most captivating pictures gathered from social media.

Solar Eclipse Totality over the Grand Canyon, US | @othingstodo_com/x

Millions of spectators came with relevant gadgets to observe the cosmological event. Here, solar eclipse is seen from Montréal by Anaïs Remili.

The eclipse captures in Canada | @JamesLucasIT/x

In New York, the eclipse was set to start at 2:10 p.m., lasting until 4:36 p.m., for a total of two hours and 26 minutes. The eclipsed sun passes behind the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

The eclispe seen with the foreground of the sihouette of the Statue of Liberty taken by Gary Hershorn | @JamesLucasIT/x

During a solar eclipse, solar prominences can be observed. These are bright features that extend from the Sun's surface into its outer atmosphere, held in place by the Sun's magnetic field. During the total eclipse last night, some stunning images of these prominences were captured.

Solar prominences in the solar eclipse 2024 taken by Trevor Mahlmann | @JamesLucasIT/x

At 1.25 AM, the total solar eclipse ended in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 547 kilometres southwest of Ireland. Here is another image of the eclipse from Mansfield with slight solar prominences.

The total eclipse at Mansfield taken by Deran Hall | @JamesLucasIT/x

When the eclipse enters totality, it appears as a perfectly symmetrical diamond ring figure. One of the pictures that gloriously capture the diamond-moment of the eclipse comes from Missouri.

The eclipse diamond by Barry Butler Photography. | @JamesLucasIT/x

Photography is about light and shadows, patience and timing, producing wonders with precision and awe-inspiring details. A photographer in Jonesboro patiently captured one such rare moment last night: a plane flying through the total eclipse of 2024.

A beautifully timed shot of solar eclipse 2024 by Kendall Rust | @JamesLucasIT/x

Creative photography also extends to mindfulness coupled with experimentality and perspective. During the solar eclipse 2024, a photographer captured a time-lapse of the complete sequence of the eclipse.

A series of the movements of the eclipse by John Kraus | @JamesLucasIT/x

Red Bull pilots Kevin Coleman and Pete McLeod flew in tandem a mere four feet apart for a jaw-dropping stunt that resulted in a breathtaking photo of the solar eclipse 2024.

The image was taken by Dustin Snipes, Mason Mashon and Peter McKinnon of the Red Bull Content Pool | @JamesLucasIT/x

Another iconic image from the United States of the solar eclipse 2024, the last one until 2045 as per NASA.

Solar eclipse seen in the US | @NASA/x

Taken in Celevland, this image has come out to be one of the most iconic ones from solar eclipse 2024 and turned viral on social media platforms. It captures the total eclipse behind the iconic The Terminal Tower Residences.

Solar eclipse captures behind the The Terminal Tower Residences by Gabe Wasylko | @JamesLucasIT/x

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