Mark Your Calendars For These Indian Festivals In November

Himakshi Panwar


Dhanteras is marked to honour wealth and prosperity. It falls on the first day of the five-day Diwali festival. People buy and worship precious metals, particularly gold and silver, for financial well-being.

When: November 10

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Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil. It marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating the demon king Ravana. People decorate their homes with earthen lamps, exchange gifts, and enjoy festive meals.

When: November 12

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Govardhan Puja

It's celebrated to honour Lord Krishna's lifting of the Govardhan Hill to protect the people of Vrindavan from rain. Devotees build small hillocks from food items to represent the Govardhan Hill on this day.

When: November 13

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Bhai Dooj

Observed on the fifth day of Diwali, Bhai Dooj celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters pray for their brother's well-being, apply a tika on their foreheads and perform rituals.

When: November 15

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Chhat Puja

This ancient Hindu festival is marked to honour the Sun God for sustaining life on Earth. The festival is observed with rituals like fasting and offering prayers near riverbanks during sunrise and sunset.

When: November 17-20

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Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem

Meghalaya's Khasi people celebrate this festival for a bountiful harvest. During the festival, the village community come together to pray for their well-being.

When: November 1-2

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Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti, also known as Gurpurab, celebrates the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and the first Sikh Guru. It marks his teachings of equality, humanity, and devotion to one God.

When: November 27

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Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is a significant Hindu festival celebrated by married women. It involves fasting from sunrise to moonrise and praying for the well-being and longevity of their husbands.

When: November 1

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Bundi Festival

Celebrated in Rajasthan, the Bundi Festival blends spirituality and traditions. The festival features a Shobha Yatra, arts and crafts fair, cultural exhibitions and dance performances.

When: Anytime between October-November

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