Top 10 Destinations In Rajasthan You Should Visit This Autumn

Himakshi Panwar


Jaipur combines its rich history with the conveniences of a modern metropolis. Explore bustling markets for handicrafts and enjoy delicious local dishes like Ghewar, Pyaaz Kachori, and Dal Baati Churma.

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Alwar, among the oldest cities in Rajasthan, holds an interesting paradox. While it has ancient roots dating back to Viratnagar around 1500 BC, it's one of the more recent Rajput kingdoms.

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The 'Golden City,' Jaisalmer, is near the Pakistan border and the Thar Desert. Its standout feature is the Jaisalmer Fort, which continues to have shops, hotels, and old havelis where people still live.

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Jodhpur, the second-largest city in Rajasthan, is famously called the Blue City because its architecture, including forts, palaces, and temples, is painted in various shades of blue.

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Pushkar, renowned for its sacred lake and the rare Brahma Temple, offers a vibrant cultural tapestry with the famous Pushkar Camel Fair and a blend of spirituality, shopping, and Rajasthani experiences.

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This city, once known as Jangladesh during the Mahabharata era, has a rich history. Its fort is a testament to the battles and rulers who fought there. Raja Amar Singh Rathore received the town from Shah Jahan.

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Known as the Industrial City, Pali has been a bustling trading hub. It boasts beautiful Jain temples and impressive monuments. Shaped like an irregular triangle, Pali shares its borders with eight Rajasthan districts.

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Famous as the 'Venice of the East,' Udaipur is known for its many lakes. The iconic Lake Palace, situated in the middle of Lake Pichola, is a top attraction here. It is also home to Jaisamand Lake.

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Located in northern Rajasthan, Bikaner is an ancient city with well-preserved red sandstone palaces and forts. It's renowned for its riding camels and is often called 'camel country.'

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Mount Abu

Mount Abu is Rajasthan's only hill station, providing a cool retreat from the desert heat. Nestled in the Aravalli hills at 1,722 meters above sea level, it offers a mix of rustic homes and British-style bungalows.

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