Foodie Alert: Mouthwatering Dishes From Nagaland You Need To Try

Waquar Habib

Akini Chokibo

Akini is a dish made of roasted, ground Perilla seeds (a kind of herb from the mint family), cooked with paddy field snails, pork lard, and axone (akhuni, a fermented soybean product).

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Akibeye is a spicy, non-vegetarian dish made with mustard leaves and Colocasia roots. The dish has a thick gravy and is cooked with minimal salt and no spices.

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Bamboo Steamed Fish

Bamboo steamed fish is a traditional Naga-style dish that is easy to prepare and requires only a few essential ingredients, such as fresh fish, garlic, red-dried chillies, bamboo shoots and salt.

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Galho or Zawo is a popular Nagaland dish with rice, vegetables, and meat. It's similar to soupy khichdi and can be vegetarian also. Traditional galho uses soybeans and smoked beef/pork.

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Hinkejvu is made by boiling colocasia, cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and French beans with a pinch of salt to bring out the aromas of the greens. Nagaland households make Hinkejvu quite frequently

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Samuthu is a slow-cooked curry made with smoked pork, fermented soybean, bamboo shoot vinegar, and a blend of indigenous spices.

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Black Rice Pudding

Black rice pudding, or nap naang, is a mildly sweet pudding made with sticky black rice, which has a natural nutty flavour.

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Rosep Aon

Rosep Aon is a dry side dish made with mixed vegetables, dry fish, and bamboo shoots and is a signature dish of the Ao Naga tribe.

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Zutho is a rice beer from Nagaland. It's the traditional drink of the Nagas and is made by sprouting rice and fermenting it with yeast and enzymes to create a unique flavour.

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