World Chocolate Day: 10 Chocolate Treats From Around The World You Must Try

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World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7th to honour the global delight of chocolate. This day marks the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. Enjoy various chocolate creations and savour the sweet celebration!

A riot of various chocolates | Shutterstock

Dark Chocolate, Belgium

Belgium is famous for its exquisite dark chocolate. Belgian dark chocolate is a real treat for any chocolate enthusiast with its smooth texture and intense flavour.

Handmade dark milk chocolates from Belgium | Shutterstock

Chocolate Croissant, France

While not a traditional chocolate bar, the French chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat) is a delightful pastry. Layers of flaky dough envelop a strip of dark chocolate, creating a heavenly combination.

Chocolate croissant is a delightful French pastry | Shutterstock

Nama Chocolate, Japan

Nama chocolate is a Japanese treat that combines the richness of chocolate with a hint of spice. Infused with chilli, vanilla, and cinnamon, it offers a unique and slightly bitter flavour profile.

Fresh Nama Chocolates | Shutterstock

Babka Chocolate, Poland

Babka is a sweet bread with a rich chocolate filling that is popular in Poland. Its twisted shape and decadent chocolate swirls make it a must-try dessert.

Babka Chocolate is a sweet bread with a rich chocolate filling | Shutterstock

Sacher-Torte, Austria

Austria’s Sacher-Torte is a famous chocolate cake. It consists of dense chocolate sponge layers with apricot jam filling and a glossy chocolate glaze, representing a rich historical tradition.

Austria’s Sacher-Torte is a famous chocolate cake | Shutterstock

Swiss Chocolate, Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its high-quality chocolate. Whether it's a traditional Swiss chocolate bar or a luxurious truffle, the Swiss excel in creating chocolate perfection.

Swiss excel in creating chocolate perfection | Shutterstock

Churros with Chocolate, Spain

In Spain, churros (fried dough pastries) are often dipped in a thick, rich chocolate sauce. The combination of crispy churros and velvety chocolate is irresistible.

Churros is served with Chocolate in Spain | Shutterstock

Turkish Delight, Turkey

While not purely chocolate, Turkish delight (lokum) often includes chocolate-covered versions. These chewy, fragrant sweets are dusted with powdered sugar and have a delightful chocolate centre.

Turkish delight often includes chocolate-covered versions | Shuttersock

Italian Gianduja, Italy

Gianduja is a smooth blend of chocolate and hazelnut paste. Italy’s version is particularly famous and is used in various desserts, including gelato and pralines.

An assortment of Italian Gianduja | Shutterstock

Mexican Hot Chocolate, Mexico

Mexican hot chocolate is a comforting beverage made with dark chocolate, cinnamon, and sometimes a hint of chilli. It warms the soul and honours the rich history of cacao in Mexico.

Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate honours the rich history of cacao in Mexico | Shutterstock

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