India Wins World Cup T20: Around The World With Virat Kohli

OT Staff

Victory Celebration

After winning the World Cup T20, cricket legend Virat Kohli celebrated the victory with a glass of champagne with his wife, actress Anushka Sharma.

Kohli and Sharma celebrate the world cup victory | virat.kohli/instagram

Saudi Arabia

Kohli poses against the backdrop of a clear-water beach in Saudi Arabia. The place is famous for the world's largest sand desert, Arabian coffee, oil, and countless palaces.

Kohli in Saudi | virat.kohli/instagram


Kohli, one of the fittest sportspersons, has an appetite for beach towns. He shows off his physique at a beach in Denmark, one of the happiest places on earth.

Kohli in Denmark | virat.kohli/instagram


A family man, Kohli, enjoys a meal with Anushka Sharma in the Maldives, a place well-known for beaches and water sports.

Kohli and Sharma in the Maldives | virat.kohli/instagram


An avid traveller, Kohli stands in front of the Australia War Memorial, which has a shrine, a world-class museum, and an extensive archive.

Kohli in Australia | virat.kohli/instagram


Kohli at the Old Town Square of Prague, a lively cobblestoned hub with landmark attractions.

Kohli at Prague | virat.kohli/instagram

Sri Lanka

Kohli takes a selfie in his national jersey in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. It is famous for its well-preserved Dambulla cave temples.

Kohli in Sri Lanka | virat.kohli/instagram


Kohli and Sharma take a dip against the backdrop of Dubai's Atlantis, The Palm.

Kohli and Sharma in Dubai | virat.kohli/instagram

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