Top 10 Beaches To Check Out In Indonesia

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Indonesia has over 17,000 islands with diverse landscapes ranging from rainforests to volcanic peaks. The country is rich in culture, traditions, temples, and markets. Travellers will love the hospitable locals, delicious cuisine, and stunning beaches.

Atuh beach in Nusa Penida in Indonesia | Shutterstock

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach was a surfer's paradise in the 1970s and is now a busy tourist spot. You can surf, sunbathe, and play beach volleyball or go horse riding. The beach is famous for its sunsets, nightlife, and cafes. Local dishes like nasi goreng and satay are must-tries.

A view of the Kuta Beach through a vernacular gateway | Shutterstock

Nusa Dua Beach, Bali

Nusa Dua, developed in the 1970s, is famous for luxury resorts and water sports like snorkelling, diving, parasailing, and golfing. Highlights include a serene atmosphere, beautiful gardens, and seafood BBQ on the beach or upscale resort restaurants.

Resting chairs placed at the Nusa Dua Beach, Bali | Shutterstock

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Named after its unique pink-hued sand caused by coral fragments, this destination offers snorkelling, diving, hiking to see Komodo dragons, and fresh seafood like grilled fish and lobster.

An aerial view of the Pink Beach, Komodo Island | Shutterstock

Pantai Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung

Belitung Island, known from the film "Laskar Pelangi," offers a stunning landscape for swimming, sunbathing, and island hopping. Explore granite boulders, clear turquoise waters, and smaller islands. Taste local dishes such as mie Belitung (Belitung-style noodles).

Large rocks at Pantai Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung | Shutterstock

Pantai Kuta, Lombok

Pantai Kuta is a popular destination for its untouched beauty. Activities include surfing, waterfall exploration, and traditional Sasak village visits. Some highlights include white sand beaches and breathtaking scenery. Local food like ayam taliwang is a must-try.

An aerial shot of Pantai Kuta, Lombok | Shutterstock

Pantai Tegal Wangi, Bali

This beach is a hidden gem near Jimbaran boasts an intimate cove, stunning cliffs, natural rock pools, and breathtaking sunsets. You can relax, watch the sunset, or go cliff jumping. Nearby Jimbaran offers fresh grilled seafood restaurants.

A view of Pantai Tegal Wangi, Bali | Shutterstock

Pulau Derawan, East Kalimantan

Explore this hidden paradise with pristine beaches and diverse marine life. Enjoy snorkelling, diving with manta rays, and turtle spotting. Don't miss the crystal-clear waters, jellyfish lake, and Derawan Turtle Conservation. Taste local specialties like ikan bakar and bubur manado.

A view of Pulau Derawan, East Kalimantan | Shutterstock

Pantai Papuma, East Java

Papuma is a popular tourist spot known for its dramatic cliffs and black sand. Activities include trekking, cave exploration, and swimming. Highlights are stunning coastal views, rock formations, and freshwater springs. Try delicious Javanese dishes like pecel and soto ayam.

A view of the Pantai Papuma, East Java | Shutterstock

Pantai Selong Belanak, Lombok

Selong Belanak is a top surf spot with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy surfing, yoga, and snorkelling. Some highlights include a long crescent-shaped beach and nearby rice paddies. Try local dishes like sate rembiga and plecing kangkung.

Pantai Selong Belanak, Lombok | Shutterstock

Pantai Pede, Flores

Pantai Pede near Labuan Bajo is a beautiful beach that serves as the gateway to Komodo National Park. Enjoy island hopping, diving, and visiting traditional villages. Scenic views of the Flores Sea and local fishing culture are highlights. Don't miss trying Flores cuisine, such as ikan bakar (grilled fish) and jagung bakar (grilled corn).

An aerial view of Pantai Pede, Flores | Shutterstock

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