Check Out The Real Life Film Locations From 'One Day' On Netflix

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

'One Day' was filmed in Edinburgh, where the story starts and ends. Emma and Dexter's first meeting and their romantic kiss scene by Edinburgh Castle were filmed on location for a realistic touch. Their emotional moment was captured at Vennel Steps, known for stunning views of the castle.

Edinburgh Castle | Shutterstock

Primrose Hill, London

In Primrose Hill, Em and Dex share wine in paper cups, and Emma bemoans her life's path. The place is known for its Victorian and Georgian houses, pastel-coloured streets, and panoramic views of the London skyline.

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Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat holds immense significance in "One Day" as it symbolises pivotal moments in Emma and Dexter's lives. It's the prominent peak of a group of hills that comprise most of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh's biggest open space.

A view of the Arthur's Seat | Shutterstock

Paros Island, Greece

In a scene, Emma and Dexter embark on a dramatic holiday to Paros, a picturesque Greek island in the Cyclades. Paros is known for its beaches, traditional villages and nightlife.

Naousa village, Paros island | Shutterstock

Rome, Italy

In episode two, Dex enjoys lively adventures with his students in Rome while Em's dreary drama group performs in England. Filming in Rome focused on lesser-known spots near Piazza Navona, such as the Bio Hotel Raphaël's terrace.

Great Colosseum, Rome, Italy | Shutterstock

Paris, France

In episode 12, Dexter reunites with Emma in Paris. They wander Rue Pierre Semard near Gare du Nord, pausing for a heartfelt conversation on Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva, overlooking Canal St Martin.

Spring morning with Eiffel Tower, Paris, France | Shutterstock

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire

Tilly's wedding reception and Emma's stroll along Lime Walk in the West Garden were featured in the show and took place at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. The house is famous for its Jacobean architecture and has a rich history, including ties to the Tudor dynasty, notably Queen Elizabeth I's childhood home.

Hatfield House with garden, Hertfordshire, England | Shutterstock

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