10 Love Lock Bridges Around The World

Waquar Habib

Pont Des Arts, France

The Seine River is home to an iconic bridge famous for its numerous love locks, providing a stunning view of the city's historic landmarks. It was built in 1804 during Napoleon's era, connecting the Institut de France to the Louvre.

Pont des Arts | Unsplash

Hohenzollern Bridge, Germany

This most-used bridge in Germany offers a breathtaking view of the Rhine River and bears beautiful love locks that create a romantic spectacle against the backdrop of the city's skyline.

Hohenzollern Bridge | Shutterstock

Butchers' Bridge, Slovenia

With its unique sculptures and love locks, this beautiful bridge is also known as Ljubljana's famous "love bridge," which represents eternal love. It was designed by Jurij Kobe and decorated with the works of Jakov Brdar.

Butchers' Bridge | Shutterstock

Humber Bridge, England

This bridge is a well-known site for couples to attach their locks while enjoying the beautiful view of the Humber Estuary and its surroundings. Built in 1981, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world for a while.

Humber Bridge | Unsplash

Luzhkov Bridge, Russia

The bridge was constructed during Yuriy Luzhkov's reign and is decorated with numerous love locks. It is frequently visited by newlyweds who admire the locks and add their own.

Luzhkov Bridge | Shutterstock

Malá Strana Bridge Tower, Czechia

Positioned alongside the Vltava River, this bridge is adorned with an array of love locks. You can enjoy a view of the city's medieval architecture and historic charm from here. It is also the oldest bridge crossing the Vltava River.

Malá Strana Bridge Tower | Shutterstock

Most Ljubavi, Serbia

Dubbed the "Bridge of Love," this structure is adorned with numerous padlocks that symbolise the everlasting love shared by couples worldwide. Over 15,000 love locks with inscribed names hang from the bridge.

Most Ljubavi | Shutterstock

Mount Huangshan Bridge, China

This bridge is a popular spot for couples to express their love by attaching colourful padlocks. It is renowned for its four wonders: the unique pine forest, the oddly-shaped rocks, the Sea of Clouds, and the hot spring.

Mount Huangshan Bridge | Wikimedia Commons

Milvian Bridge, Italy

Located on the Tiber River, this bridge offers a magnificent backdrop for couples to profess their love, surrounded by the beauty of Rome's ancient architecture. It was also the site of the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

Milvian Bridge | Shutterstock

Magere Brug, Netherlands

Also known as "Skinny Bridge," it is illuminated by lights over the Amstel River and is adorned with love locks, adding to the ambience of the city's romantic setting. It is named after the Skinny Sisters—two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the river. 

Skinny Bridge | Shutterstock