Head To Israel For The Hula Valley Bird Festival

If you are a birding enthusiast, the week-long and ongoing Hula Valley Bird Festival in Israel is where you should be
Agamon Hula bird refuge, with Mount Hermon in the background at Hula Valley, Israel
Agamon Hula bird refuge, with Mount Hermon in the background at Hula Valley, Israel

Every birder knows how precious a good birdwatching spot is. Take for instance, the Hula Valley in the north of Israel. Every winter the valley is a favourite home to many visiting winter migrants. Hula Valley is an important migration stopover for these birds and also for those who are following the winged visitors. The ongoing Hula Valley Bird Festival (November 22-28) is one of the biggest birding festivals and also one of the most awaited ones in the birding community. The festival not only celebrates the wonderful world of birds, but also is a great time and place for birdwatchers, nature lovers and photographers to explore Israel's wildlife.

The festival focuses on two Hula Valley sites&mdashAgamon Park and Hula Nature Reserve. Let birds be one of the many reasons you explore the gorgeous natural wonders of northern Israel, from the heights of Mt. Hermon to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The week-long festival is there to see you get the best of both birds and sights. Now when the weather is just superbly beautiful, won't you rather be outdoors looking for rare desert birds and raptors like Macqueen's bustard, sandgrouse and wheaters to name a few. Yes, you'll have that opportunity on the final days of the Hula Valley Bird Festival when the festival will take visitors, free of cost, to the bird-rich area of Negev desert. Happy Birding

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