5 Cities For Vegan Globetrotters

Thanks to various environmental and health benefits, veganism is on the rise all over the world
Veganism is on the rise worldwide. Credit Shutterstock
Veganism is on the rise worldwide. Credit Shutterstock

If you are a vegan traveller, the world can be tricky. Animal-based diets, including steaks and seafood, are the norm for several societies worldwide. However, veganism is on the rise thanks to various environmental and health benefits. Here's a look at five cities around the world that are best for vegan globetrotters.

Tel Aviv, Israel
In Israel, particularly Tel Aviv, there are several vegan eateries where visitors may treat themselves. The Daily Meal even dubbed the Mediterranean city "The World's Best Vegan Destination." You may find innumerable vegan and vegan-friendly eateries, bistros, and fast-food outlets by taking a stroll across the city. Many eateries have moved to serve only plant-based foods, putting their unique spin on regional specialities like vegan falafel and shawarma.

Recommendation The Green Roll (Ahad Ha'Am St 15, Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Taipei, Taiwan
One of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world is Taipei and PETA recognised it as "Asia's Most Vegan-Friendly City" in 2016. In Taiwan, Buddhism has a long history, which is one reason Taipei has developed into a refuge for vegan travellers. Many Taipei vegan groups on Facebook provide helpful advice for those who have recently arrived or are only in town temporarily.

Recommendation Vege Creek (Number 2, Lane 129, Yanji Street, Da'an District)

London, UK
Donald Watson, who created the word "Vegan" in 1944 and founded the first vegan group in the world, "The Vegan Society," was&nbspa native of the UK. With over 150 vegan eateries, London routinely ranks as the city with the highest percentage of vegans.

Recommendation Mildreds (200 Pentonville Road)

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw is a great location for vegan tourists since the Southern Downtown of the old city is the centre for vegan food. Every type of food is available in a vegan avatar, from vegan burgers to ramen. There are vegan bakeries here as well, so this historic city has something for everyone.

Recommendation Vege Miasto (Aleja "Solidarno" 60A, 00-240 Warszawa)

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto is known for its seafood but has an extensive vegetarian and vegan population. Japan has preserved its Buddhist traditions, meaning vegetarianism plays a significant role in daily life. As a matter of fact, Shojin Ryori, or Temple Cuisine, originated in Japan. It is the cuisine that Japanese Buddhist monks are known for eating. Tofu and other soy-based items like yuba (tofu skin) are famous in Kyoto.

Recommendation Ain Soph.Journey Kyoto (538-6, Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku)

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