No Golden Ticket Needed To Visit These Chocolate Factories

Its a sweet life, after all
No Golden Ticket Needed To Visit These Chocolate Factories
No Golden Ticket Needed To Visit These Chocolate Factories

There may not be everlasting gobstoppers or a chocolate fountain to drink out of at these chocolate factories, but it&rsquos the next best thing. Whoever has ever dreamt of visiting a chocolate factory and breathing in the sweet, sweet smell of molten goodness is in for a treat at these factories around the world. Let the over-indulgence begin

Haighs, Australia

South Australia and delicious food go hand-in-hand, but we&rsquove got our eye on the sweetest prize of them all&mdashchocolate Haigh&rsquos is a family-run chocolate factory that has been in operation since 1915. At its flagship factory and store in Adelaide, they welcome visitors to come in for a free tour of their chocolate factory.

Perugina Tour and Chocolate School in Perugia, Italy

Baci is to Italy what Hershey&rsquos is to America. The first original kisses (the literal translation of Baci from the Italian), are made by Italian chocolate brand, Perugina. At their factory and museum in central Italy in Perugia, true-blue chocolate lovers can visit, see and taste all things chocolate. The tour includes a talk at the museum, where chocolate making and the history of Baci Perugina is explained. Afterwards, there&rsquos a walk through the factory from an enclosed area and a chocolate tasting afterwards.

Cailler Chocolate, Switzerland

The hills and pastures may be calling us to Switzerland, but it is the chocolate that beckons us the most. One of the oldest chocolate factories in the world, Cailler is set up in Broc in the Fribourg region of Switzerland. What makes these chocolate bars special is the use of the local Gruyere milk, which is mixed with their cocoa beans. Visit the Maison Cailler, a visitor experience museum where you walk from room to room to learn about the history of cocoa, the process of chocolate making and are led to a chocolate tasting room.  

Mirzam chocolate in Dubai

Should you find yourself in the Middle East, you will not find a dearth of sweets.. If you are looking for chocolate, however, we have a recommendation. Mirzam Chocolate is best known for its &lsquobean to bar&rsquo philosophy. This Dubai-based company uses raw cocoa beans and makes the chocolate from scratch, with no chocolate from outside coming in. At its boutique chocolate factory inside Al Serkal Avenue, visitors can view the entire chocolate making process here &ndash from the sorting of the beans, roasting, winnowing, grinding down to tempering, moulding and wrapping the chocolate.

Hershey&rsquos World 

Strictly speaking, this is not a chocolate factory, but it would be close to blasphemy not to include America&rsquos sweetheart, Hershey&rsquos on this list. A sugar wonderland, Hershey&rsquos World is an experience centre where you can dive into chocolate-loaded fun. First up is a free chocolate tour and watch a 4D movie all about chocolate, enter a photo studio, and even make your own wacky-flavoured candy bar. If you haven&rsquot quite had enough, there would be a huge store with a massive range of Hershey&rsquos products awaiting you.

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