10 Nations Where The Indian Rupee Dominates Local Currencies

Waquar Habib


1 INR = 184.64 IDR

In Indonesia, the Indian rupee prevails and travellers can enjoy the white sandy beaches, ancient temples, verdant landscapes, and relaxing massages at a pocket-friendly budget.

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1 INR = 293.05 VND

The Vietnamese Dong stands relatively lower to the Indian rupee. Travellers can have a budget-friendly stay in the country as they explore its colonial history, picturesque landscape, and rich culture.

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1 INR = 87.13 PYG

In Paraguay, travellers can have a wholesome economical vacation as the Indian rupee is higher than the local currency. Paraguay's waterfalls, lush green forests, and national parks are things to look forward to.

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1 INR = 239.71 LAK

In Laos, enjoy the numerous Buddhist temples, French colonial architecture, lush landscapes, and delightful local cuisines on a frugal holiday with the Indian rupee reigning higher than the local currency.

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1 INR = 41.43 MNT

Travellers can look forward to exploring the rich fauna of Mongolia characterised by Siberian Ibex and Snow Leopard among others on a wallet-friendly vacation. There are also major monuments, parks, and monasteries to look forward to.

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1 INR = 4.31 HUF

Hungary is famous for its unique music, wine, art and culture as well as the delicious Goulash dish. Travellers can enjoy value-for-money trip as the Indian rupee prevails over the local currency.

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1 INR = 1.63 ISK

Iceland is a must-visit place which is affordable at reasonable rates. You can have a mesmerising experience following the Northern Lights, seeing the Blue Lagoon, and many other natural attractions.

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1 INR = 46.77 COP

Visit Colombia for an inexpensive journey with the Indian rupee higher than the local currency. The place is known for pocket-friendly cities, outdoor activities, colourful streets, and staggering wildlife.

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1 INR = 4.34 ZWD

Travellers must make a note of pocket-friendly trips to Zimbabwe. You can enjoy the natural landscapes such as Victoria Falls, the Matobo Hills, many monuments, and wildlife at a cheap price.

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1 INR = 49.57 KHR

Travellers can spend the Indian rupee which prevails over Cambodian riel without a worry and have a great time. The land is famous for pristine historical beauty and is characterised by temples like Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple.

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