Top Spiritual Places To Visit In Manali

Nidhi Kadere

Hadimba Devi Hindu Temple

This ancient cave temple is dedicated to Hidimba, a prominent character from the epic Mahabharata. The temple comes alive during its annual festival, known as the Hidimba Devi Festival.

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Gauri Shankar Temple, Manali

This temple, dedicated to lord Shiva and Parvati, is situated immediately below the Naggar Castle in Naggar. Built in the Shikhara style of architecture, the ancient temple is preserved as a her

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Vashisht Temple, Manali

Dedicated to Sage Vashisht, this tiny temple is one of the most famous places in Manali. Made up of beautifully crafted wood, it is believed to be more than 4,000 years old.

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Siyali Temple

The temple’s architecture is a mix of Chalet and Pagoda-style architecture. One of the most interesting aspects of this shrine is that it is said to house a self-manifested Shivalinga. This Shivalinga is said to have been at this place since time immemorial.

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Ghatotkach Tree Temple

Situated on the Dhungari village, the Ghatotkacha Tree Temple is the ancient temple devoted to the warrior Ghatotkacha of the epic Mahabharata. This tree temple is positioned at a distance of approx 100 m from the Pagoda fashion Hadimba Temple. 

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Manu Temple, Manali

The temple is highly respected by the local people of Himachal Pradesh, who believe that the sage Manu meditated at the site after he was saved from a great flood by the god Vishnu. The temple complex also includes a small museum that contains artifacts and sculptures from the temple's history, as well as a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Manu temple, Manali | Wikimediacommons

Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist temple, the most famous Buddhist temple in north India, is famous for its statues and its colorful wall paintings. People usally gather to meditate in this temple to get involved with the monks and feel the serenity. Built near the Manali market, the management has made it easier to reach by putting up signs for the temple.

Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple | Wikimediacommons

Tripura Sundari Temple

The Tripura Sundari Temple is one of many temples of great historic importance in Himachal. The temple, a massive wooden structure, exhibits the local architecture and art of carving. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari. The idol of goddess is enshrined in the temple with 21 masks.

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Raghunath Temple

This temple, though not located in Manali, is one of the most highly regarded temples in Kullu. The Raghunath temple consists of a complex of seven Hindu shrines, each with its own Shikhar (spire). The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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