Check Out These Sacred Spaces To See In Ujjain

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Mahakaleshwar Temple

One of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the Mahakaleshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is famous for its Bhasma Aarti, a unique ritual involving offering ashes.

Mahakal Temple | Shutterstock

Kal Bhairav Temple

This temple is dedicated to Kal Bhairav, a fierce form of Lord Shiva. The deity is offered alcohol as part of the rituals.

Kal Bhairav Temple | Shutterstock

Harsiddhi Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Harsiddhi, an incarnation of Durga, the temple is known for its two imposing lamp pillars, which are lit with hundreds of lamps during festivals.

Harsiddhi Temple | Oscar Espinosa / Shutterstock

Mangalnath Temple

Known as the birthplace of Mars (Mangal), this temple is especially significant for astrology and astronomy enthusiasts.

Mangalnath Temple | Shutterstock

Chintaman Ganesh Temple

One of the oldest temples in Ujjain, it is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. A popular belief goes that praying here helps devotees get rid of obstacles.

Chintaman Ganesh Temple | chintaman_ganesh_daily_darshan/Instagram

Ram Ghat

Situated on the banks of the Kshipra River, Ram Ghat is a significant site for religious ceremonies, including the famous Kumbh Mela.

Ram Ghat | Shutterstock

Gadkalika Temple

This temple, dedicated to Goddess Kalika, holds historical significance. The legendary poet Kalidasa is believed to have worshipped here.

The idol of Goddess Gadalika | jai_maa_gadhkalika/Instagram

Sandipani Ashram

According to legend, this is where Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama received their education from Guru Sandipani. 

Sandipani Ashram | Shutterstock

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