Top 10 Souvenirs To Pick In Sri Lanka

Nidhi Kadere

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is deeply ingrained in Sri Lankan culture and economy, with tea boutiques dotting the country. These shops offer a range of luxury and exclusive teas including Golden Tips, Silver Tips, and Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings.

Ceylon tea is deeply ingrained in Sri Lankan culture | Shutterstock

Traditional Masks

Skilled local craftsmen utilize their deftness to transform plain logs into exotic masks. The popular devil masks, which were once only a part of traditional folk dances, have now evolved into magnificent works of art, thanks to the creativity and talent of these craftsmen.

Traditional Masks | Shutterstock


The town of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka, which has a long history of gem-mining, is a hub for the sale of precious gems, including rubies, topazes, amethysts, and aquamarines, which are among the most popular purchases made by tourists.

Gemstones | Shutterstock

Batik Wear

Batik, a traditional craft of Javanese heritage, is as vibrant as the island itself and has been passed down for generations.

Batik Wear | Shutterstock

Porcelain Tableware

Thanks to its abundance of minerals and clay, Sri Lanka is renowned for producing beautiful porcelain and ceramic ware. From teacups to bowls and cutlery, you can find a wide range of simple and elegant styles in this country.

Porcelain Tableware | Shutterstock

Elephant and Buddha Figurines

Sri Lankans are known for creating beautiful figurines out of wood, stone, and ebony. The intricately modelled Buddha and elephant statues are the most widely seen of these.

Elephant and Buddha Figurines | Shutterstock


The spicy concoctions in the local cuisine are a hit with the locals. The most common spice purchased by tourists here is cinnamon sticks, which is followed by turmeric, pepper, and cardamom.

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Dumbara Mats & Cane Boxes

Dumbara is a coarse cloth woven in geometric patterns that originates in Kandy’s villages. They’re woven together to make long-lasting products like bags, mats, wallets, baskets, and lamps.

Dumbara Mats & Cane Boxes | Shutterstock


Sri Lanka’s huge antique offering, which is almost as large as those selling jewels, provides a plethora of options for collectors of vintage pieces. There are a lot of old trinkets, dainty hats, candle stands, metal wall art, and pots and pans here. 

Antique clay pots | Shutterstock

Sri Lankan Paintings

Created by talented local artists, these paintings depict a variety of cultural icons, celebrations, processions, and other aspects of local life that are sure to capture your imagination and transport you to another world.

Painting at the entrance to the temple of the sacred tooth of Buddha | Shutterstock