In Ahmedabad For The World Cup Final? Here Are Some Things To Buy

Waquar Habib

Bandhani Sarees

Ahmedabad's Lal Darwaja is famous for its Bandhani sarees, Chaniya Cholis, and a variety of clothing for all ages. It's also a culinary hotspot offering delicious treats like dhoklas, pani puris, dosas, and samosas.

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During the Kite festival, the Teen Darwaja in the Old City teems with vibrant kites and kite enthusiasts. Here, diverse shopping choices abound, from shoes and clothing to household items and handicrafts. The market's speciality lies in its ethnic wear and exquisite handicrafts.

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When shopping in Ahmedabad, don't miss out on Chaniya Cholis and exquisite jewellery available at Rani no Hajiro Market. This market showcases an array of colourful clothes, stunning jewellery pieces, shoes, and accessories.

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Explore Ghantakarna Mahavir Market in Ahmedabad for a wide selection of unstitched fabrics. Shop for Bandhani sarees featuring colour block patterns. The market operates from 10 am to 9 pm.

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The Fernandes Bridge book market is a haven for book enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of old and new books. Operating from 11 am to 11 pm, this market caters to book lovers throughout the day.

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Local Snacks

Raipur Gate Market is renowned for its distinctive and delightful cuisine. Indulge in their snacks, such as farsans, khandvi, khakra, khaman, and kachori, to savour various delights and treat your taste buds.

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Artefacts And Souvenirs

Once you've completed your other purchases, go to Kapasi for an extensive range of handicrafts, paintings, idols, and more. Kapasi is an ideal destination for showpiece shopping and offers online retail options for added convenience.

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