10 Souvenirs To Bring Back From Your Malaysia Tour

Nidhi Kadere


Malaysian batik has simple patterns and is painted directly on cloth, while Indonesian batik requires wax. You can find it in stores and markets. Kain batik, similar to a sarong, is also popular.

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White Coffee

Originating from Ipoh, it's now available in most local coffee shops. You can find sachets of instant Ipoh white coffee at any grocery store, along with white tea sachets and condensed milk.

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Kek lapis Sarawak

It is a traditional Indonesian spiced cake with a Malaysian twist. It's cooked layer by layer and makes a great treat for special occasions. You can easily buy them online from various stores based in Sarawak that deliver nationwide.

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Tau Sar Piah

In Penang, don't miss the tau sar piah - bite-sized biscuits of crumbly pastry filled with ground green beans. Try Gee Hiang, the oldest shop selling tau sar piah for over 100 years, or Him Heang and Sheng Hiang. Penang is the best place to find this biscuit.

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Royal Selangor is a renowned Malaysian pewter company founded over 130 years ago. The company was conferred the warrant of Royal Pewter by the Sultan of Selangor in 1979. You can find their stores across Malaysia, including in KLIA, KLIA2, and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

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Durian Everything

The king of fruits is a must-try for anyone visiting this region—you’ll either love it or hate it. If you do like it, you can find plenty of durian-flavoured items like cookies and pastries in supermarkets and bakeries. 

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It is a popular sweet snack in Melaka. Made from coconut milk and palm sugar, it's usually flavoured with pandan. You can buy it easily around the Jonker Street area during the festive season, especially durian-flavoured ones.

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The sumpit is a traditional dart weapon made out of belian wood, used for hunting by the tribes of Sarawak. It can be purchased as a souvenir in Sarawak and some airport stores, as well as at the Handcraft Complex in KL and Langkawi.

Sumpit, a traditional dart weapon | WikimediaCommons


The sape is a traditional lute from Sarawak, Malaysia carved from a single piece of wood and decorated with tribal designs. It makes for a beautiful and functional souvenir, representing the Bornean tribes of Malaysia.

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Songkets are part of baju melayu for men, but you can also get smaller items like wallets and bags. Find them at Central Market in Kuala Lumpur or traditional clothing stores in the Masjid India area of KL.

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