In Pictures: The Best Of Contemporary Architecture In India

Waquar Habib

In 2007, Klaus-Peter Gast released a book entitled "Modern Traditions: Contemporary Architecture in India" with some of the most modern and unique Indian architecture. Explore the author's list of buildings that make modern India.

Cidade de Goa Resort Hotel, designed by Charles Correa | studiiosierra/instagram

Indian Parliament Building, Delhi

Modern Indian

Designed by Raj Rewal, the Indian Parliament Building was a new addition to the existing Lutyens structure.

The library is a perfect blend of traditional Indian motifs and the modern.

Parliament Library | arckhist/instagram

Kanchanjunga Apartments, Mumbai

Late Modern

A fine example of Late Modern architecture are the Town Planning of Mumbai and Bagalkot done by Charles Correa.

These 32 luxury apartments, situated southwest of downtown in an upscale suburban setting, blend the elegance of high-society living with a nod to the site's historical vernacular architecture.

Kanchanjunga Apartments | ar.snehaljaju/instagram

CIDCO Lowcost Housing, Navi Mumbai


A project of 1988-1993 done by architect Raj Rewal for CIDCO, the Belapur Housing was planned as extremely low-cost accommodation for the lowest income groups.

The selected materials include concrete cavity blocks, exposed plasterwork, hand-made terracotta tiles, and local rough granite stones which ensured durability in the challenging monsoon. Amenities were free.

The housing comple | Wikimedia Commons

House Leslie Pallath, Kochi

Classical Modern

Designed by Klaus-Peter Gast, the Leslie Pallath House is in Cochin, Kerala and a brilliant example of classical modern architecture.

Leslie Pallath House | Peter Gast German Architect Cochin/facebook

Accommodation for the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


Designed by Rahul Mehrotra, the theme of the institution is reflected in the openness with an emphasis on social life as part of the routine.

Mehrotra expressively articulates the topographical situation of the area through material and texture of the architecture making it part of the building.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences Accomodation | RMA Architects

Brunton Boatyard Hotel, Kochi


Fort Kochi's Brunton Boatyard, once a thriving European shipbuilding facility established by George Brunton, later transformed into a heritage hotel, preserving its historic architecture and charm.

Designed by German-Swiss architect Karl Damschen, the hotel consists of three interconnected buildings surrounding a central courtyard.

Brunton Boatyard Hotel | WIkimedia Commons

Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Center, Hyderabad


Designed by Karan Grover, the Godrej Green Building or simply the Godrej GBC, is a sustainable and eco-friendly architectural marvel located in Hyderabad, India.

The building's courtyard layout enhances natural ventilation and daylighting, reducing energy consumption. Notable features include a green roof, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and LEED Platinum certification.

Godrej GBC | Wikimedia Commons